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Minimalism–Venace defines new closet solution


Venace clearly presented concept of minimalism for Eco wardrobe hardware system in 2014.
With the concept, Venace team of engineers and industrial designers keep researching on latest international closet market. They follow the newest concise fashion trends and work hard to introduce innovative closet hardware products of minimalistic designs.

Whole closet solution

To practice concept of minimalism, Venace has successfully brought out brief artistic closet hardware accessories in diversity. According to different functions, closet hardware are usually divided into different types: hanging hardware, drawer hardware, wardrobe hanging rods and likewise wardrobe accessories. However, so far there is not yet a wardrobe hardware accessories unit like Venace Minimalist’s Cloakroom, which orderly unites various wardrobe functions. By providing such a whole closet solution to the market, Venace gets to refine the closet hardware into an Eco wardrobe system.

closet solution- walk in closetWalk in closet

Among those Venace wardrobe hardware, the walk in closet, which was eventually brought out after back-and-forth discussions and improvement, is truly based on simplicity and minimalism.
What features it most? Its simple functional structure design and strong material!  It consists of an overall plating aluminum space frame and an open structure with added wood panels and supporting plates. It fits any room because of its adjustable mounting setting.

In general, most of Venace wardrobe hardware are flexible and easy to install. Moreover, Venace team values meeting people’s requirement for specific designs, dimensions, materials or adding fittings, to satisfy international clients. Any household solution distributor or supermarket will get a thrillingly satisfying answer. Just contact to know more about Venace Minimalist’s Cloakroom.

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