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How to Choose the Right Standing Desk Ergonomics for Your Office

Is sitting really the new smoking? While the truth of this statement by Dr. James Levine has been hotly debated, sitting all day certainly does have it’s negative side effects. In this study of 800,000 people, those who sat the most had a 147% increased risk of cardiovascular events, 112% higher chance of diabetes, and 49% higher chance of death compared to those who sat the least.

What do you do if your job involves sitting at a computer? Have you considered a standing desk ergonomics?

Stand up desks, particularly adjustable ones, allow you to vary your working position and not spend the entire day glued to your chair. Intrigued? Let’s look at how to choose the perfect standing desk ergonomics.

Whole New Desk or a Stand Up Desk Converter Unit?

The first decision consumers must make is whether they want to buy a new desk or pick up a converter unit that they can set on top of an existing desk. Those that don’t have any type of desk should definitely pick up a new standing desk ergonomics.

For those who already have a desk, the choice becomes a bit harder. It depends on how dedicated they think they’ll be to standing while they work and how much space they typically use. Stand up desk converter units often aren’t big enough to allow the user to spread out their work. Those who like to use a lot of space may find this set-up limiting. 

Sit-Stand or Standing Desk?

For those who’ve never used a standing desk ergonomics before, thinking about switching to one can be a bit intimidating. After all, the idea of standing all day isn’t very appealing to the average person. To try out a standing desk ergonomics that still allows the user to sit down if needed, consumers should opt for a sit-stand desk.

This type of desk allows the user to switch between the two positions, which is much better for the body than either sitting all day or standing all day. Being in the same position all day is detrimental to physical health, regardless of which position it is. 

Many desks can also be set at in-between heights to allow the user to “perch”, which is somewhere between sitting and standing to avoid the hip strain of sitting and the feet-numbing boredom of standing. 


Height-adjustable models allow the user to position the desk at the exact right height for them. A woman who is 5’2″ will enjoy a desk at a very different height than a man who is 6’2″. 

Regardless, before buying any type of ergonomics adjustable standing desk, consumers should make sure the desk will meet their height requirements. That is, the desk should go low enough for the shortest user and high enough for the tallest one. 

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Ready to Make the Switch?

Take a big step for health and try a standing desk ergonomics today. The idea might seem strange at first, but trust us when we say the human body wasn’t designed for sitting all day. Check out our fantastic inventory of height-adjustable desks today!