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Best Standing Desk for Tall Person

Solutions for tall person office spaces

Being tall has its own set of perks. But, at times that can bring before you some unwanted obstacles. Working in open offices that adorn an ergonomic work environment can be troublesome for extra tall person out there. That’s because the desks will require them to hunch over and crane the neck to work efficiently eventually, leading to way more discomfort than non-ergonomic workspaces.

The key purpose of including sit-stand desks in offices is to escape sedentary work styles. It may sound astonishing but, monotonous seating for a prolonged period can invite lots of serious health issues. Ergonomics aims to create a healthier, happier, and comfortable work environment. But, much to tall person’s discomfort, the majority of the sit-stand desks used in offices are designed to serve people as tall as 6’. Finding desks for people beyond this height can be trickier than one imagines. But, not with Venace, best sit stand desk for tall person.

Tall person’s standing desk 

Because Venace’s best sell standing desk can solve this one big problem for tall person. The height of this table can be adjusted from 25.2″ to 50.8″ and the horizontal width from 42.3″ to 70.8″. You can see from its design concept that we designed this table in the first place. It was developed by us with thorough research and investigation, and it fits 95% of users. That’s why this standing desk is such a best seller.

best standing desk for tall person

It is possible that many tall users use the converter instead of the table height is not enough, but this also causes a lot of inconveniences, you need to move it during the use. And, some converters are not cheap. And now in fact, many monitors also come with the function of lifting height to adjust the best use height.

However, these can be replaced with Venace best standing desk for tall person. Take a look at what our loyal users have to say about this tall standing desk from us:


Rating 1.

–By Angel Crisis

This desk was what I needed. I am 6 feet tall and wanted to make sure I had a tall enough desk. I plan to add a treadmill to my home office setup so I needed to find a desk to accommodate the extra needed height. It is very stable even at full height!

Rating 2.

–By Castle-Smith

I’m taller than average at 6’8″, and needed a sit-stand desk for when working from home. I bought this desk hoping it would be tall enough so that I wouldn’t need to slouch down. What a pleasant surprise!!! I absolutely love it! It is the best standing desk for tall person.

Rating 3.

–By Boris Djuric

Since we have not been in the office for several months now, I finally gave up being creamed in the corner office stuck in a seat all day. This thing is great. Well built, easily assembled. And very smoothe motion. I pit an 8 x 3 ft double glazed window panel on it as a temporary top, bit like it so much I think I will simply build an edge for it and use it full time. Highly recommended.

Rating 4.

–By BillyF

I received what was thought a DOA product, however customer service sent over a reset procedure that fixed the issue. I am very happy with the product, it is very strong and stable, the motors are surprisingly quiet. it was packed well, easy to assemble. I am considering purchasing another one.

Rating 5.

–By Bill Rowlett

The base is very easy to assemble. I also purchased the table top on Amazon.

It is very sturdy and extremely quite when raising and lowering. I like the option to have 4 preset heights. I have included pics of the highest, lowest and where I have it when sitting. Definitely worth the money.


This is the best standing desk for tall person, If you are more than 6’’5’ tall and still looking for a suitable adjustable desk, purchase it which has basic cutomer ratings. It even allows you to add a treadmill to work at the same time. Believing that it is the table you are looking for. What’s more, it has a 5-year warranty and a 30-day return period, giving you a degree of assurance and alleviating unnecessary worries. Know More about It >>