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Perhaps you already know the hazards of sitting for a long time. You are an indoor worker and you have a work desk and chair, so it is inevitable that you sit for a long time. Maybe your company will not help you purchase an adjustable standing desk or ergonomic chairs to help you work better. 2021 is coming. In the new year, will you spend more time and energy to maintain your health? In this article, Venace tells you why you need to use a standing desk 2021 and how to use it, and at the end will recommend three Venace’s best standing desk 2021. So let’s get started!

Why use a standing desk

The National Institutes of Health says that the older you are, the more likely you are to sit. There are data that show that Americans over the age of 12 have to sit for 8 to 10 hours on average to do other things that do not require energy consumption. Dr. Labros Sidossis is the head of the Department of Sports and Health at the School of Art. He suggested: “For those who sit all day, they should stand up and walk around and stretch out every 30 to 40 minutes, but in fact, many people don’t do this. If you can’t If you do, standing at work is not a bad idea, because it will destroy this continuous sitting position, which is detrimental to your health. For example, it can cause low back pain, back pain, cervical spondylosis, and vascular disease.”

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You need to know that sedentary has been compared to “the new smoking”. More and more American institutions are paying attention to this sedentary topic and research. According to a study by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 25% of Americans sit for more than eight hours a day. Among the 5000 adults who participated in the survey, 40% said that they were not physically active and did not exercise, and 10% said that they were not only inactive, but also sitting for more than 8 hours a day. At the same time, we found data from some survey reports. Astudy published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology analyzed data from about 150,000 participants in the past nine years and found that people who sit for 8 hours a day or longer died The risk of cardiovascular disease and any cause is higher. Therefore, we need to pay attention to this sedentary problem, especially for office workers in the workplace.

Sitting for a long time is also harmful to your back. When you sit down, 90% of the greater pressure will be on your back compared to standing. Certainly exclude some special factors, including the design of the chair and the way you actually sit on the chair. However, for whatever reason, sitting will make your back more stressed. At this time, a standing table may help improve back and joint pain. Medhat Mikhael, MD, a pain management specialist at the Spine Health Center at MemorialCare Orange Coast Medical Center in Maryland, said: “Standing desks can greatly reduce nerve stress and thus help reduce back pain. Standing desks can also help you reduce your pain. The risk of obesity and helps you stay active. “The standing desk is not the magic medicine for weight loss, but it can help you lose weight over time. Someone has done a simple experimental study. In the experiment, when people sit down, they burn about 80 calories per hour. When they stand, they burn about 88 calories per hour. It seems that the difference is small, but over time, these few calories will accumulate. If you use a standing desk for five hours a day, five days a week, you will burn 200 extra calories. After four weeks, you will burn more than 800 calories, which may eventually lead to weight loss.

When developing some functions and features of the desk, Venace used hundreds of research data reports to do it. All design concepts are also derived from data reports and user needs. Everything is for creating the unique and the best standing desk in 2021, and I will recommend it to you below.

How to use a standing desk

Venace ergonomics research expert Mike recommends that you do not stand on the desk all day, but stand all day. Instead, it is recommended to sit at the desk for half an hour, then sit down for half an hour and then stand up. Then repeat. Of course, Venace also summarized some methods to help you use the desk, you can refer to >> 5 tips for fighting fatigue while using your standing desk

Although the exact health benefits of a standing desk are still not fully understood, the truth is that even standing still during the day will almost certainly have at least some effect on your overall health, even if the effect is small. Therefore, it is worth investing in a standing desk. You also deserve to own Venace’s best standing desk 2021. Overall, experts say that using a standing desk can bring a positive experience.

3 best standing desk 2021

standing desk

Main Functions and Features
● Adjustable height from 640mm to 1190mm, suitable for adults to sit and stand alternately;
● Double motor drive, lifting speed is 40mm/s;
● The width of the standing desk frame can be adjusted, ranging from 1075mm to 1800mm, and the width of the supporting table can reach 2000mm;
● Load weight is 120 kg, it is suitable for people whose tabletop has many office equipments.

The first one is of course the best one. This standing desk is the Venace with the best configuration and the best sales among all adjustable desk. You can compare this to the Apple 12 pro, which is one of the beststanding desk 2021. Very suitable for an open environment office. When selling this product, Venace takes into account the preferences of different users and the different requirements for the style and size of the table board, so it is not equipped with a table board, allowing consumers to choose and make decisions on the market to create their own unique style Lift table. Learn more>>


Main Functions and Features

● The height is adjustable from 710mm to 1180mm, suitable for teenagers and adults to ● sit and stand alternately;
● Single motor drive, lifting speed is 25mm/s;
● Lightweight design, product gross weight 20 kg;

As one of the best standing desk 2021, Venace’s single-motor single-motor sit stand desk is the best budget style. The biggest advantage is that it can satisfy buyers who have budget requirements. It is more expensive than other manual sit stand desks. Low is the best standing desk for 2021 budget. We designed this sit stand desk to reduce the configuration cost, for anyone who wants to have a adjustable table and has a limited budget. Learn more>>

Sit To Stand desk AIO

Main Functions and Features

● Single motor lift mechanism provides a smoother height adjustment from 28”-47”, is easily operated and motorized to sit or stand while working.
● 2-stage Legs are in square shape.
● LED backlight control panel constantly displays the height of desktop.
● Programmable digital memory with 4 height settings by managing the button on the controller;
● Desktop, frame and accessories are all-in-one package, fast installation.

The last thing I want to introduce is this year’s Venace’s hot new product-sit to stand desk AIO. This product has three major advantages: all-in-one package, fast installation, cheap. It is driven by a single motor and has 4 memory files The controller is very suitable for teenagers, especially students. Learn more>>

Venace actively encourages people to invest in their own health. We are also creating better technologies for consumers and users to create a better life, as Venace’s philosophy says: “Better Life Better Price!”