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Are Concealed Hinges Worth It?

Are Concealed Hinges Worth It?

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Today, there are a lot of companies that make the concealed hinges. It is seen to be very helpful in keeping doors shut in both traditional and modern-styled houses. In fact, this kind of hinge is just an alternative for barn door hardware where the arms are mounted on top of the door. The great thing about this type of hinge is its compatibility with almost all types of doors and other parts like frames, jambs etc as well. It keeps out critters like snakes and mice because it can close without latching from inside or outside your home.

It is also strong enough to hold heavy foreign objects such as furniture, bookcases etc making sure that they don’t open by themselves by force while you’re not at home or when you are sleeping. Another good thing about concealed hinges is that they don’t have any external moving parts, which makes them much easier to install and repair than other types of hinges. They are also present in different styles, colors and materials for your choice.

Reasons why concealed hinges are worth it?

1-Easy to mount on almost anything

Concealed hinges are made to be used with just a screwdriver or any hand tool for mounting doors into furniture frames like bookcases as well as part of the wall itself where steadiness is needed along with a flood door opener. It can also be mounted on ceilings with a normal drill and standard ¼ inch bit, making installation always simple and pleasant without the need for any help or professional assistance.

2-Easy to install and repair

Concealed hinges can be easily installed without the need of any kind of wrenching since no knobs or handles are involved. The installation process is quick as well as simple, whether you use a drill machine to mount on the wall or just hand screwdrivers for mounting into furniture frames. It also has secret springs that hold them together, and these springs add a lot of life to concealed hinges by repairing them with easy fixes such as drilling out worn-out parts, sanding areas where the hinge is catching wood etc., which makes it work like new again.

3-Durable due to no external moving parts

Concealed hinges don’t have any external moving parts, which makes them last longer than other types of hinges.

4-Aesthetically pleasing

Concealed hinges come in different designs that suit both traditional and contemporary styles of your home, making it look good no matter what the style is.

5-Heavy duty hinges can hold heavy furniture etc off the floor

Concealed hinges are great for holding doors or even furniture like bookcases installed on the part of the wall because they don’t have external moving parts, so they offer a lot more support compared to ordinary surface-mounted hinges. The arms inside these concealed hinges are fixed together with secret springs that help hold anything as long as you want. Not only that, but the arm material used is 6061 T6 aluminum, where there’s almost no chance the hinge will crack or just open by itself without you pushing it.

6-Can be used on curved and straight lines

Concealed hinges can be installed in many different ways not only because they can fit into almost any kind of door or bookcase but also because there are standard designs like, 90 degrees, 180 degrees, and 300 degree that works with almost any straight line. It also works great with curved lines, such as while mounting onto walls where you need to push hard for it to work well.

7-Easy installation and Low maintenance cost

When installing concealed hinges, all you have to do is screw them in place along with a 3/8 inch drill bit that’s used for drilling pilot holes before using screws. The steps are very simple and straightforward, so it doesn’t require any professional help. It also has no other external moving parts like screws or knobs.

8-Hidden hinges for kitchen cabinets are best to make your kitchen look great

Concealed hinges can be used in almost all kinds of doors, including closet doors, sliding doors, fence gates, etc., as well as in bookcases that will add a lot of elegance when looking at the overall appearance of your home. You can also use them on-wall-mounted furniture along with wooden windows if you live in places where the window is likely to get damaged by wind since they don’t break easily.

9-Low maintenance cost

Once you install concealed hinges, there’s almost nothing else needed except a screwdriver/drill machine to screw them in place. They don’t have any other external moving components, so it’s almost maintenance-free since you won’t need to oil, grease, or do anything else with them after they’re installed. They can be used on indoor furniture as well as outdoor doors such as for patio doors.

10-Able to be used on sliding glass shower doors very easily

The installation process is also very simple and straightforward, where there’s no chance of fitting issues since the concealed hinges are designed to fit all kinds of door frames, whether it’s a standard size or wider one. It doesn’t even require drilling into the walls because they work great by just pushing against the wall, which makes it an ideal choice while using when installing sliding glass shower doors.

They can’t be seen, so it doesn’t look awkward while viewing

The prices of concealed hinges are the same as other types of door hinges, which makes them affordable when you compare them with surface-mounted hinges.


There are many great reasons why concealed hinges are better than any other type of hinge, and this article has highlighted some of them and gave examples to explain each point thoroughly. These characteristics make it worth investing in because they’re long-lasting, durable, easy to install, and cost-effective. Also, if you have walls that don’t support surface-mounted hinges well, then these hidden closet doors can prove to be the best option for you. They offer much more support compared to surface-mounted ones and gives a great finish that enhances the of your entire home.