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6 Tips for Creating a Functional Laundry Room

6 Tips for Creating a Functional Laundry Room

Laundry Room Storage


Do you believe that having things organized makes you more eager to visit a place and complete a task? It enhances one’s quality of life. Laundry is, without a doubt, one of the most terrifying yet essential duties for most people. Having clean clothes all of the time isn’t something that happens in a blink of an eye. There is a saying that every mother has a basket full of dirty laundry.

Laundry is more than just dropping dirty clothes into the washer, letting them spin while you wait for them to finish, and then placing them on the dryer to dry and iron them with your awesome wall mounted ironing board. For some people, laundry entails hand-washing dirty garments, manually rubbing out stains and grime, squeezing out excess water, and allowing it to dry.

Nevertheless, there is no way you can avoid doing laundry. However, there are a few things you can do to make washing laundry more enjoyable!

Choose a quality washer and dryer.

First and foremost, you must make an intelligent decision when purchasing a high-quality washer and dryer. It doesn’t have to break your bank; in fact, you can buy low-cost, high-quality items online or in stores. Take note of the essentials and choose based on your desires – the capacity and load size of the washer and dryer, the color, and the price – wherever you decide to buy. Please take note of the noise and vibration it produces as well.

Additionally, when making an online purchase, make sure to read product reviews to avoid being dissatisfied with your choice.

Designate a laundry room storage

In the past years, most people’s basements appeared to be a perfect spot for their laundry area. And in today’s generation, homeowners may have more options because of the changes in the design of washing machines and dryers. As a result, you can now start organizing and setting up your laundry room in any part of your home – ground floor, second floor, or rooftop.

Consider the dimensions and weight of your washing machine and dryer when deciding where to put your laundry room. You can position it anywhere in your home where children are not playing to prevent them from slipping, but not near bedrooms due to the noises it makes, or in an area with less activity.

Invest in laundry baskets

The best way to stay organized with your laundry is to use laundry baskets. Laundry baskets are designed to hold and store dirty clothes rather than letting them be scattered around the house. Isn’t it true that having a mess of dirty clothes makes you feel like you do not want to do laundry?

You can use a laundry basket with wheels to avoid having to lug heavy loads of dirty laundry around your house, especially if you have a larger space. Instead, roll it around your home to help you load and unload dirty clothes into your laundry room. That sounds cool, right?

Constructional considerations

When deciding a place for your laundry room storage, consider construction specifications like piping for your washer and dryer ventilation. Also, bear in mind access to water, electricity, and gas lines in your laundry area. Finally, instead of relying on extension cords, invest in high-quality electrical connections. You will be safer from fire and electrical hazards if you consider all of these factors.

You might want to consult with experts to learn the price and feasibility of installing the equipment.

Make room for the utility sink.

As long as you choose the most significant water supply, you can have beautiful laundry room storage. The utility sink is where you may hand-wash your most fragile garments, remove stains, and any other countless ways it can serve.

Utility sinks can also use for tasks that are not related to laundry. For example, instead of emptying your mop in the kitchen sink, you may drain it here. You can also prepare and pot plants here and set up a paintbrush-rinsing station.

Go with water-resistant floors.

Your laundry room storage should place on a water-resistant floor. Non-slip tile and laminated counters are both easy to clean and long-lasting. It’s one approach to ensure that your laundry room will last for many years to come.