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10 Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas for Every Design Style

10 Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas for Every Design Style

There are many kitchen cabinet hardware ideas to utilize when designing the interior of the kitchen. Kitchens can come in classic designs or a modern look. The different designs attract different types of fixtures. Making a kitchen meet a personal style is a great way to go. Make the space comfortable to work in. The several fixtures available will bring about different looks in the kitchen. Ensure the fixtures are vital and can withstand water. Remember, in the kitchen, the humidity level tends to be high and can lead to rust. Some of the kitchen cabinet hardware ideas are:

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1. White porcelain knobs

A kitchen that has white inspired theme work well with porcelain knobs. Get them professionally installed, and they will stay in place for a long time. The knobs should be strong enough to avoid cases where they can fall of when pulled. The knobs bring about a sophisticated look in the kitchen. They can be the perfect way to make a given kitchen stay unique

2. Brass knobs

The material has a lot of beneficial features. For example, it can resist rust. Brass knobs come in attractive designs. They can be a great way to improve the look of the kitchen. People interested in making their kitchens look more attractive can get the knobs. They are the perfect way to add beauty to a kitchen.

3. Leather pulls

In most cases, the knobs and pulls in the kitchen are made out of wood or metal. A unique look can be achieved through the introduction of a leather pull. The leather pulls are durable and comfortable to touch. Ensure they stay dry at all times to avoid damage. The knobs can be installed on high rise drawers.

4. Curved brass pulls

A curved design is very attractive to the eyes and comfortable to pull out. To achieve a certain level of sophistication in the kitchen, introduce the curved brass pulls. They are available in a wide range of designs. Comparing different manufacturers is a great way to realize the best results when working on a kitchen renovation.

5. Copper hardware

The application of copper in a home can contribute to great aesthetic appeal. The copper knobs and other hardware can be polished to achieve great looks. They contribute towards making homeowners enjoy having them at home. They are practical solutions that can be applied to improve the look of a home.

6. Crystal knobs

Those who are ready to go the extra mile can get the crystal knobs. They stand out in small kitchens. The manufacturers offer them in a wide range of designs. Choose a design that can work well in a given kitchen design. The installation process is easy. It can be tackled from a DIY perspective, but hiring a professional for the job is even better because they are known to guarantee the best installation.

7. Black bin pulls

A black-themed kitchen needs black fixtures. Buying a black bin pull for the kitchen can lead to some level of uniqueness. The black pin pulls are designed to meet different standards. The designers can get them to enjoy the best experience in everyday kitchen applications.

8. Brushed copper pulls

When cooper is brushed, it achieves great aesthetic appeal. Applying the brushed copper pulls in the kitchen cabinets and drawers is a great way to make the kitchen stand out. When about to sell a home, the fixtures used in different parts will be considered. Get a well-polished copper pull to increase the value of the home.

9. Ceramic bar pulls

Applying ceramic in kitchen accessories is another way to achieve the best feeling when in the kitchen. Different homeowners have specific preferences when buying ceramic bars. They can get the fixtures and make the kitchen look unique. The pull bars are water-resistant. They can be installed near the sink without stress.

10. Brushed nickel knobs

Nickel is a standard metal in the kitchen fixtures. It can be utilized to create the perfect knobs to handle a wide range of drawers in the kitchen. The high-quality construction assures homeowners the feeling they intend to achieve under different applications.

The above list consists of the best kitchen cabinet hardware that can enhance the look of a kitchen. Get one for the kitchen, and it will bring about some level of sophistication.