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What Is a Blind Corner Cabinet?

What Is a Blind Corner Cabinet?

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A lot of homeowners in your area would often wonder what is a blind corner cabinet. From the name itself, it is a cabinet that is located at the corner. The contents are pretty much hidden in the sense that you could not really be motivated to install them there. Some people fail to notice its usefulness but the truth is it can serve as more storage room for you when you run out of space in your kitchen. There will be some ingredients there that are just half full and you won’t know when you will use them again since they have a long expiry date anyway so you will just put them there.

Install a Pull-Out

It is indeed possible to install a pull-out in your blind corner cabinet so the things in there will be presented gracefully. The good news is that we provide pullouts right here at Venace. We even have different designs for you to choose from and you would be surprised at how you can have more stuff installed there. Don’t forget to clean the blind corner cabinet though so the items you would put at the far end won’t get that dirty to you.

Put a Lazy Susan

A lazy susan would be the option that would make you have even more storage right in there and you would not be able to make do with every single moment of it. Besides, you can just hope for the best when it comes to making it right for everyone involved. The items would now be easily accessible and you can select the ones you have there to put it right where you want it to be. After all, you can group the items so that you can select the ones that you need for that particular occasion. It is actually a half moon lazy susan so that it can fit in your blind corner cabinet.

Put a Pull-out Shelf

This is another option that we would love to help you out with. It is presented in such a unique way and we will explain to you how it is done in every single step. Add that to the fact that you are free to do things here and we will have our own suggestions so that the final product would be something that all the people living there would actually admire. That is actually hard to do at first but you know one way or the other it would happen when you focus on it.

Fit it Right

In order to install the blind corner cabinet right away, better measure the corner cabinet dimensions. After all, you would be able to make sure it is a good fit. From there, the height and width are already a given. If you want the height then use a tape measure and do it from top to bottom. When you want the width then it is left to right. When it is the depth that you are after then go from the front face frame up until the very back wall. These measurements are going to be important when you come to the hardware store and request a blind corner cabinet. One small mistake and it may not fit there and you won’t have anyone else to blame but yourself for that huge matter.

It is evident blind corner cabinets in your home can be used the right way if done right. The good news is that Venace has it in different sizes. As a result, we would appreciate all the stuff that you put into the blind corner cabinet because it just means you would not want to throw away all those things as they can still be used in the near future. We are here to tell you that we are just one call away and we guarantee the things we do will increase the value of your home because you suddenly have a kitchen where a lot more can be stored. Of course, you would owe it all to your new blind corner cabinet. You would find yourself going to that corner a lot more often than you thought and there is nothing wrong with that.