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What Are Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets?

Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets

Acrylic kitchen cabinets are of higher quality than other types, such as laminate finish. The kitchen cabinets are coated with acrylic, offering several benefits. Homeowners are looking for ways they can make their kitchen cabinets more durable and attractive. The application of acrylic on the doors of the cabinets makes them achieve the highest level of durability and aesthetic appeal. People looking forward to improving the aesthetic appeal in their homes prefer going for high-quality kitchen cabinets. They are available in a wide range of color shades. Those who are strict on the shade they can have in their homes are free to choose from a wide range of shades that can complement the interior design.

1. What Are Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets?

Acrylic is a non-toxic coat that is applied to kitchen cabinets. The result leads to a high gloss finish. It is essential to introduce a high gloss finish in a kitchen set up to enhance its general look. The high-quality mirror-like finish achieved after the application of acrylic makes many people prefer the design. Many manufacturers make acrylic cabinets. It is upon homeowners to compare the different designs available out there. They are the best fixtures to introduce to a kitchen because they come with several benefits that make them unique and more attractive than standard cabinet finishes available. They work well in high-end kitchens where the general appeal is of great importance.

2. Types of acrylic kitchen cabinets

There are two major types of kitchen cabinets. They can have acrylic-faced doors or solid acrylic faces. Solid acrylic-faced doors consist of acrylic only. They tend to achieve a more balanced and rich color. Acrylic-faced doors are affordable. Manufacturers place and adhere acrylic sheets to the doors, creating a sophisticated look. Homeowners should note the differences between the two types of acrylic before installing them in their kitchens.

3. Acrylic kitchen cabinets pros and cons

The kitchen cabinet doors made out of acrylic come with several benefits. Acrylic surpasses laminate and other finishes for kitchen cabinet doors. While the installation cost is higher, the investment is worthwhile due to the numerous benefits that enhance the satisfaction of family members. Some of the issues that make the acrylic finish stand out are:

Pros of acrylic cabinets


The acrylic doors are appealing to the eyes. They come in a smooth and high gloss finish; creating a mirror-like finish in the kitchen makes them preferable. People looking forward to getting a high-quality look in their kitchens can prefer them. High-end kitchen owners are after cabinets that can assure them the best look. They can rely on the high-end coating to achieve the perfect look in the kitchen.


When it comes to cleaning, it is straightforward to clean acrylic doors. The material is smooth and will not develop hard stains. They resist a wide range of stains in the kitchen. A simple process of wiping the surfaces after spills will keep them clean. Family members looking for ways to keep the kitchen clean will find it easy to clean different surfaces. The material is resistant to mold and moisture, making it very durable in any kitchen. It is advisable to maintain a high level of cleanness in a kitchen. The kitchen cabinets are easy to clean. They tend to deflect dirt due to the high gloss finish.


In a kitchen, different issues can lead to deterioration of the kitchen cabinets. For example, the surfaces may develop moisture and end up attracting mold and degrade with time. The wood will stay protected if an acrylic cover is applied. The cover prevents water from entering the wood. Family members planning to spend several days planning for the kitchen cabinets renovation can always count on the acrylic doors. They are built to assure users of the highest quality levels. The high-quality finish and durability make them preferred by many homeowners. The acrylic cabinet may be expensive to buy, but it will last longer to assure homeowners value for money. It is among the few safer materials to use in a kitchen set up, and it will last several days.

Color Variety

There is a wide range of color themes that are applied in the kitchen. Going for high-quality materials that are available in different colors is essential. The kitchen cabinets are available in a wide range of colors. It is upon the homeowners to choose the color shades. In most cases, the kitchen cabinets come in white colors. Some homeowners have unique needs. They are free to choose from a wide range of designs and color preferences. The materials are easy to maintain. Carpenters will fix them, and they will stay secure in the home to guarantee them excellent durability. When homeowners are ready to get high-quality products, they prefer investing in acrylic kitchen cabinets. They are made to meet the highest standards to bring about the aesthetic appeal in a home.

Cons of acrylic cabinets

Needs regular cleaning

The polished surfaces tend to show dirt vividly. Fingerprints show on acrylic surfaces easily. They need regular cleaning to remove dirt or dust that can develop on them.

Cost more

The acrylic cabinets are more expensive than laminate wood. They may not be the best for a kitchen renovation on a budget.

Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets Cost

4. Acrylic kitchen cabinets prices

The kitchen cabinets prices will vary from one cabinet to the other. For example, a cabinet that has several doors of acrylic will cost more when compared to a small kitchen cabinet. Generally, acrylic cabinets have a higher price compared to laminate cabinets due to several advantages associated with them.They require minimal maintenance and will bring about a mirror-like finish in the kitchen. The high level of aesthetic appeal associated with them makes more people interested in buying them. The materials are safe; hence many homeowners looking for non-toxic fixtures in their kitchens prefer it.

The kitchen cabinets come with several benefits. Manufacturers build them to meet the highest quality standards and incorporate several features. Homeowners will always feel comfortable introducing them. Ensure experts handle the installation process to get the best value for money.