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Wall-Mounted Ironing Boards and More from Venace

Ironing boards have helped millions of families look their best over the years, but traditional options use too much space. With many modern households experiencing a shortage of space, it’s increasingly common that people will choose not to own this essential appliance. That’s where Venace comes in. We use innovative, well-designed wall mounted ironing boards to economize on space while maintaining and improving on the classic ironing board. 

A wall-mounted ironing board is a modern way to use the interior space of your home as efficiently as possible. There are options that you can tuck away into a drawer or a nook in the wardrobe, but you can also choose versions that fold against the wall. In this case, our boards can even be an interesting, highly functional stylistic addition to your home.

Why You Should Choose Venace

Ironing boards are a must to keep your outfits looking sharp and wrinkle-free, and space is a premium in many households. With both of these considerations in mind, investing in a Venace wall mounted ironing board is the obvious choice. Our mission is to manufacture high-quality, affordable products that make people’s lives easier and convenient, and we achieve this by maintaining high standards for ourselves. When it comes to pioneering environmentally friendly production methods, providing an ethical, supportive work environment for our employees, and delivering outstanding house products, no one beats Venace. 

Different Types of Ironing Boards

There are countless different types of homes and different situations with regard to how much and what kind of extra space a home has. This is why the Venace design team has produced a range of compact, space-efficient solutions for an apartment or home of any size. It’s unimaginable that there isn’t a Venace wall-mounted ironing board that’s right for your home, whether your extra space is in the laundry room or kitchen. Save on space and keep your clothes looking crisp with our four most popular ironing boards. 

Built-In Drawer Ironing Board

Built In Ironing Board

One of the best ways you can improve your home is by maximizing your efficient use of the space in your home. Ironing boards are essential, but they can take up quite a bit of floor space. Buy our built-in drawer ironing board, and you can utilize any empty drawer as a base and storage for your ironing board instead. Installation is easy, and when you want to use the board you simply pull out the drawer. Then, you slide your ironing board back into place and you’re done. 

Important sections of our drawer ironing board include an advanced sliding rail design that ensures smooth, quiet motion when you’re sliding the ironing board in and out of the drawer. Additionally, you can adjust the width of the drawer from 14 1/4″ to 211/4″, or 37 to 54 cm. This practical flexibility makes for a storage solution that’s even more flexible and suitable toward your unique, individual needs. But if your drawers aren’t the right size for our ironing board or if none of them are empty, we have many more excellent choices for you.

Folding Pull Out Ironing Board
Folding Pull Out Ironing Board

The folding pull out ironing board is among our best offerings. It achieves the familiar goal of minimizing the space that an ironing board uses, but by different means. Our folding pull out iron board has a rotating mechanism that lets it fold into any thin, flat space in your home. You can easily attach it to a wardrobe, a desk, a table, or even a nook in a TV stand. When it’s time for you to use it, you simply slide the board out from its storage point.

Thanks to our high-quality materials and construction, the slide rails are durable and offer great longevity, saving you money on replacing it. Furthermore, the joints that secure the board are rotatable 90 degrees to the left and right, which makes the design amenable to left or right-handed usage. When it comes to practical versatility and space-efficiency, the folding pull out ironing board is an outstanding choice. However, there are two additional choices of wall mounted ironing boards. 

Fold Down Ironing Board

Fold Down Ironing Board

You should choose the fold-down ironing board if you’re looking to save on horizontal floor space and have vertical wall space to spare. A few screws will secure the mount to the wall, and from there, you unfold the board when you need to use it. When not in use, it stands up flush with the wall. A single click action releases it, enabling you to fold it 90 degrees downward so that you can enjoy a stable, convenient ironing surface. With such a simple folding action, you can install this ironing board almost anywhere in your home. Kitchens, laundry rooms, hallways, and bathrooms are perfectly logical places for it. While it’s much more visible than our drawer and folding pull out models, it has a sleek, intelligent look that will compliment your residence. 

Overall, the fold down ironing board is the simplest of our wall mounted ironing boards and the most affordable as a result. You still enjoy the strong, reliable metal construction and high functionality that’s standard in a Venace ironing board. If you only have modest space-saving needs, this might be the best choice for you. That said, you can’t go wrong with any Venace ironing board. 

Wall Mounted Ironing Board
Wall Mounted Ironing Board

Rest assured, the original Venace ironing board is still a great choice to save space around the house and always will be. The basic mechanism and design is quite similar to the fold down ironing board, and they both share the 180-degree rotation feature. However, the wall mounted ironing board has one major advantage in that it’s double foldable. Before you place it up against the wall when you’re not using it, you can fold the board over itself twice, which reduces the profile by 66%.

If the fold down ironing board isn’t space-efficient enough for your needs, then the wall mounted ironing board may be perfect. 



High-Quality Production

Venace wall mounted ironing boards are quite unique from one model to the next, but there are also certain features that they all share. For one thing, we manufacture all of them at our own Venace factory, where we maintain a clean, safe working environment. There are multiple advantages to this, such as the fact that our motivated, satisfied employees work hard and have greater attention to detail than our cut-rate competitors might have. Our controlled temperature and advanced equipment enable us to manufacture with extreme consistency and precision, with the result that customers rarely have issue with our products. 

Another commonality is that our wall mounted ironing boards have some universal parts or similar ones. We place a high emphasis on designing tough, reliable stands for them since they need to be able to support the weight of the ironing board and remain stable as you work. No matter which product you choose, you’ll be stunned by how stable the surface remains while you iron your clothes. 

We also equip our set of ironing boards with a cotton cover with an interwoven heat resistant element that prevents warping and damage in the ironing process. This fabric is durable and long-lasting, but if you ever need to replace it you can. Simply order a replacement from us, remove the screws securing the original, and place your new fabric where the old one used to be.

From the start of the production process to every detail of the finished product, Venace goes above and beyond to fulfill our mission statement. We take pride in the high grade of our house appliances and products and the way that they improve the lives of our customers.

Call the Wall Mounted Ironing Board Experts

If you’re in the market for space-saving folding iron boards, then you need to turn to us. We’ve refined our technology and production techniques for years and have no doubt that when it comes to wall mounted ironing boards, we’re the best in the industry. Our design teams constantly work to improve our products and maintain our competitive edge. That said, a few things remain constant whenever you buy from Venace. You’re sure to enjoy great benefits, such as:

  • Unbeatable price for excellent, space-efficient solutions
  • Generous warranties
  • High customer satisfaction — Our wall mounted ironing boards have as many as 4.5/5 stars based on customer reviews
  • Robust, empathetic tech support and customer support
  • Improved stability and function over traditional ironing boards

Don’t hesitate to buy an ironing board from us, whether you don’t have one or want to upgrade your current model. You can contact us by email or phone to learn more, and you can order our selection of excellent products online. Place an order for a wall mounted ironing board, a height adjustible desk, or one of our other innovative smart home products today.