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How High Should You Hang Your Upper Kitchen Cabinets

How to Find the Correct Upper Cabinet Height

upper cabinet height above counter

The ideal height of the upper kitchen cabinets depends on different factors. The first thing you have to notice is the height of the base cabinets, then check the thickness of the countertop, the high point of the backsplash, and if you need to consider the range.

After this, you have to decide if you will install the cabinets after installing the countertop and base cabinets. Other than this, the height of the upper cabinet will allow you to reach the shelves without climbing the tool. Let’s read this article thoroughly to know more about the proper height of the upper cabinets.

The perfect height of upper kitchen cabinets

The upper cabinet height above counter should be regular such as 18 inches above the 34 and a half-inch base cabinets. But if you have lower base cabinets or custom design, then you have to apply other ways to install it. Here is a list of tips you need to consider to decide the height of the upper cabinets.

  • The height of the Ceiling:The normal height of the kitchen ceiling is 8 feet so, it’s important to make sure that the cabinets go up to the ceiling. Most upper kitchen cabinets must be adjustable to the ceilings. In case the height is above eight feet, you can add a smaller upper cabinet above the main one, and make sure to install it with the help of a professional. You can also install houseplants over the upper cabinet.
  • Height of countertop: The kitchen countertop is a desk that holds the cooking essentials. This place is for practical use so it must have enough space for prepping, placing the OTG or toaster, and having an area for cooking. The minimum amount of space that should consist between the upper and the base cabinet is 18 inches, but it can go to 20 to 22 inches as well. But if you have a short height, then you might have to bring the cabinet down a bit to reach the top shelves without using a stepping stool.
  • Over the sink: The over usually stays at one end of the countertop and the sink will be on the opposite part. There are no right measurements on how high or low the upper cabinet should be from the sink or the oven. But the distance should be the same as the oven has on the kitchen floor. Other than this to avoid the spots at the bottom section of the upper cabinets, you need to spare more space between the upper shelves and the kitchen sink. Normally the upper cabinet should be twelve inches above the sink.
  • Aesthetic quality: The aesthetic quality of the upper kitchen cabinetsis sometimes not mentioned while installing them. However, as you have to make some measurements before you install the cabinet, it’s important to check if it will look good or not. Consider the entire space you have in the kitchen and then design the area for the shelves.
  • Consider human height: While installing upper kitchen cabinets or pull down shelfit’s crucial to check your height, and whether you will be able to reach the shelves without using a step-on stool. A standard male can reach 7 feet and a standard female can go to 6.5 feet. So based on that household ceilings are 8 to 9 feet from the ground. So, when you are installing the cabinets make sure the shelves are within reach. If you have a short height then opt for crown molding at the top to fill up the empty area and this is the safest option.

Other variations for upper cabinets

There are two types of upper cabinet choices 42 and 36 inches. If you have a ceiling with a height of 36 inches then go for the same sized cabinets. This will not touch the ceiling so you can later add the crown molding. If you do not want to add crown molding then go for a dummy cabinet on top of the taller ones. If you need large space in the upper cabinets, then 42 inches will be the best. However, for this, you have to go through the ceiling hassle. You have to make extra space to fit in the cabinets. It will be better if you hire a professional to install the shelves.

It’s important to measure the height of upper kitchen cabinets from the base cabinet and countertop. The task may seem hectic, and for that, you must hire a professional.