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Top 4 Essentials That You Need For Your College Laundry

So you are on your way to a new journey and are obviously pumped for taking on the challenges that awaits you in the college life. This is the first time you are leaving the comfort of your home and will live on your own.

You have to manage everything which you may have never dealt with before. Keeping the room clean, doing your laundry and all other chores which you would have easily dodged in your high school years. But now it’s time to face the reality right?

Here we are to make your life a little bit easier by enlisting essential things that you need to do your laundry in college. After all, doing laundry might be the most dreadful chore.

Doing your laundry in college is different than in home. You won’t be requiring heavy duty things like laundry hamper with wheels instead you need things that are small and super convenient to use.

Let’s start with the list, shall we?

1. Collapsible Hampers

Now limited space is the most obvious challenge that you have to work through. You of course need a storage item for all your dirty clothes and you cannot make use of your regular laundry hampers or bags as they may take too much space.

That’s why we suggest you to opt for a collapsible hampers that are super convenient to store your clothes and you can tuck it below your bed when not in use.

You can even check out Two Hampers that offers two space to store your dirty clothes in just one hamper. You can use it to store colored and white clothes separately.

2. Stain Remover Stick

Again it is all about the convenience when it comes to doing your laundry in college. Now carrying a whole bottle of stain remover would be too much for you. Why not go for an easier option that does the same job without any hassle?

Stain Remover Sticks are savior for you as there is no risk of spilling with these items. Just apply the stain remover with this easy-to-use applicator pen directly over the stain and let it sit for a few minutes.

Then all you got to do is load the washer with those treated clothes. Achieving stain free clothes is possible even in your college.

3. Collapsible Drying Rack

Now you may not get the desired heat temperature in your college’s dryer as they are permanently set to a fixed to a high heat. Drying your clothes on such high heat can ruin the fabric of your cloth.

Why not make use of the collapsible drying racks? You can dry your clothes on them easily and just set them aside in the corner or anywhere you like when they are not in use. They won’t be taking any space of your dorm at all as they are easily collapsible.

4. Steamer

Now ironing your clothes takes a lot of time and honestly no one’s got so much of time especially when you are in college and you have to catch an early morning class.

Steamers can be a blessing for you in such situations. As you will get wrinkle free clothes in a few minutes time. Buy a travel size steamer and you are good to go.

These are a must-have things that you need for your college laundry. Not your typical laundry hamper with wheels but the above enlisted essentials.