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Top 10 Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturers & Makers in UK

Top 10 Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturers & Makers in UK

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Locating the best kitchen cabinet manufacturers is a great move towards realizing the best results in kitchen renovation. There are many kitchen cabinet manufacturers, but they will vary based on several factors. For example, some manufacturers will make high-quality furniture that can bring about sophistication in a kitchen. Some manufacturers will charge fair prices, but they will go the extra mile to guarantee high-quality kitchen cabinets. Take time to compare the different kitchen cabinet manufacturers before buying the best. The best bespoke cabinet makers UK will have websites where customers can order. Check out the range of products they have and contact them to learn more. Here are the top 10 bespoke cabinet makers the UK to check out:

1.Proline Cabinets & Components

The company has been in business since 2004. The several years of experience make them stand out when looking for high-quality cabinets. Some of the products they are known to make include kitchen cabinets, bedroom cabinets, and other home improvement products. The company has experienced carpenters who know what it takes to get the perfect cabinets. They are fully equipped to help customers from design to the point of kitchen cabinet installation at their homes. They simplify the cabinet buying process.

2.Kingwood Design (UK) Ltd

They focus on bespoke kitchens. Their primary focus is on areas such as the design and manufacture of top-quality products. They ensure the finishes are made to meet the needs of customers. Assembly is done at the workshop before the cabinets are shipped. They use materials such as high-quality laminate wood to design the products. The high-quality products available at the company ensure they attract a wide range of customers. Contemporary systems and designs are available at the location.

3.Superior Cabinets

The company has been in business for more than 22 years. They boast a lot of experience in making different styles of kitchen cabinets. The highly skilled employees work on different kitchen cabinets to satisfy the needs of customers. They employ the highest level of professional craftsmanship to realize the best experience. They also provide cabinets for bedrooms, studios, and other areas. Their highly experienced experts make the best cabinets for different kitchen needs.

4.King Cabinet Makers

It is a family-run cabinet factory that has stood out over time. They start with design, manufacturing and finish with the installation process. Homeowners looking for complete kitchen cabinets solutions can work with them to get the job done fast. They were established in 2002, and they have worked overtime to achieve the best experience in satisfying different customer’s needs. They pay attention to different customers’ needs. Highly experienced craftsmen at the company ensure each project is implemented to perfection.

5.R & J Cabinet Makers

The company has been in operation for more than 100 years. They manufacture bespoke cabinets to meet different customer’s needs. They are also involved in the manufacture of tailor-fitted furniture that can come in different designs. They are among the best bespoke cabinet makers UK who have stood the test of time in availing top-quality products to the UK market. The owners are passionate about making stylish and high-quality products.

6.Wellington Joinery

They stand out in making high-quality bespoke kitchen cabinets. The excellent craftsmanship employed at the company has made them remain in business for a long. They use solid wood, laminates, and veneers to create high-quality furniture. The application of high-end materials makes them stand out when it comes to custom-made cupboards UK. They are known to make products such as pantries, wardrobes, and bespoke kitchen cabinets. Their highly experienced team is ready to work on the design and implement it. Many kitchens have products from the company across the United Kingdom.

7.Brandler London

They are known to create home cabinets through the application of high-quality wood. They are sustainable manufacturers of high-quality products that make people happy. The ability to fulfill the needs of different customers makes them preferred. They use unique Barnwood and other high-quality materials to make the best products. Apart from kitchen cabinets, they also manufacture cabinet doors and other wooden home accessories.

8.Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets

They have a wide range of styles when it comes to kitchen cabinets. Buyers can choose from contemporary designs to traditional looks. The company uses solid wood to develop high-quality cabinets. The use of European oak ensures the highest quality products. The application of advanced manufacture ring techniques assures buyers the fastest delivery of kitchen accessories. They manufacture cabinets, countertops, and other forms of kitchen accessories.

9.Woodchester Cabinet Makers

The company has been making kitchen cabinets since 1996. When looking for the best custom-made cupboards UK, they stand out in guaranteeing the best products. The use of bespoke wood ensures they deliver the highest quality products. Excellent customer service makes many customers prefer the company. They are also involved in bathroom acres, storage solutions, and dresser larders and islands. The products are made to meet the unique needs of different homeowners. Getting a unique style of the kitchen cabinet from the company is easy. They are experienced in implementing different styles that meet the needs of different customers.

10.HUX London

They are innovative kitchen designers. Their main focus is on bespoke joinery, where they have helped people for many years. The professionals at the company review each order from customers and treat it with care. They have been at the forefront of developing high-quality furniture that has made them stand out in providing top-quality products. A high level of workmanship and engineering is applied to ensure the kitchen cabinets meet the highest standards. Customers can get custom-made cupboards UK and other items required during interior kitchen design.

The above companies stand out in offering top-quality services when it comes to kitchen accessories manufacture. They have stood the test of time in coming up with the best products that guarantee the best interior kitchen design. Getting high-quality kitchen cabinets from the company makes it easy to complete a home renovation project fast and efficiently.