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Top 10 Furniture Design Trends of 2021

Furniture trends – the latest designs for your home in 2021

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Your Home – Revamped

Millennials make up the bulk of the world’s population, and color and design have taken a backseat to practicality and ease of use for household items and furniture. Venace Intelligent Technology Inc. is one such company that promotes high-quality household accessories at a low price. Their style serves as their brand, and their motto, “Better Life, Better Price,” is proof enough that you don’t need to sacrifice a considerable amount of money for competitive quality.

Home Improvement Techniques

Space savers

It’s been a considerable leap from large furniture to minimalist ones. Decades before the early 2000s, it’s been all about chunks of furniture and home equipment taking up a lot of space inside households, but now, it’s all about saving space.

Cabinets that disappear into the walls of your home, invisible storage rooms, and furniture that stack up are the newest trends, allowing you ease of movement.

Clean lines

Color isn’t much of a priority anymore, as furniture design tends to be cleaner and less intrusive. Circles and curves aren’t in anymore; it’s all about the corners where you can place your furniture. An accent piece here and there is still appreciated, but practicality takes precedence.

A pop of color

Speaking of accent pieces, it’s nice to see a dash of color accentuating it as a stark contrast in a home with a particular color scheme. The kitchen could have a strip of color leading to the pull-out cabinets, and the bedroom could have gold hinges for cream or white doors. If you need inspiration, head on over to www.wayfair.com for it.

The use of natural materials

Organic materials such as bamboo and wood are incorporated more into home design than steel, glass, and aluminum. Aside from being sturdier, these materials can also withstand pressure from natural elements. It also gives the home a more relaxed atmosphere, allowing air and moisture to permeate into it. This is also a must-do for the environmentally conscious people who want to lessen their carbon footprint.

Economically friendly furniture

Since we’re talking about environmental consciousness, furniture makers have started venturing into creating eco-friendly pieces for the home. The trend has gained traction, and there are many bamboos, concrete, and wooden elements in the market already. These pieces only get stronger with time and usage, and if disposed of, can easily break down or be recycled into something else.


This is quite a contrast to clean lines, but some millennials prefer having a bit of texture in their home. The fabric serves as a sound texture piece, and rough-hewn wood as tables or beds is also part of the texture trend.

Lush, green foliage

Having plants such as cacti and succulents inside your home provide that much-needed burst of color and also provides much-needed oxygen. Plants can also serve as decor to an otherwise bland environment, giving your space the ambiance it needs.

Large doorways and windows

The trend of having more enormous doors and ceiling-to-floor windows is visible in newer houses. Condominiums might have a standard, but when you have an apartment of your own, you can have these in your home to give it an illusion of having a larger space. Having tall windows also makes your house brighter, thus saving you from paying exorbitant utility bills.


Having large mirrors as furniture pieces inside your bedroom, your living room, and your bathroom also gives the illusion of a much bigger space, thus allowing you to place even more accessories that you need inside these spaces. Since these three are the most inhabited places inside your home, it’s best to have them seem more prominent than all the other rooms you have.

Meshing wood and steel

The marriage of wood and steel into one practical furniture piece is beautiful. It already serves as an accent piece, with the additional purpose of being useful. A dining set with a wooden top and steel legs can easily be rearranged, and it’s easy on the eyes too. www. urbanwoodgoods.com has a few designer pieces which can easily be replicated or used as inspiration.