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4 Things You Need To Know About Jumbo Laundry Hamper

Finding a laundry hamper is as easy as finding a rose from the rose garden. But the problem is people still hesitate to choose a jumbo laundry hamper over other laundry baskets. The reason is – laundry baskets are available in plenty of options based on their sizes and styles. As a consequence, it really becomes difficult to understand the need for a laundry hamper.


Are you in a mood to buy a laundry basket? Well, you must not skip the option of a jumbo laundry hamper as well. Read the blog to know about the jumbo laundry hampers – their uses, their styles, their designs, and everything.


4 Must-Read Things About A Jumbo Laundry Hamper


  1. Assorted Sizes: Jumbo laundry hampers, the name itself signifies its huge size. But still, there are multiple varieties that you may explore, based on their sizes. You may not need the maximum size in your small apartment, likewise, a small laundry hamper may not meet all your needs. Therefore, it is necessary to think about the volume and space before heading to make your purchase.Multiple space-saving laundry hampers are available in the market along with your large laundry hampers. Therefore, paying attention to the dimension of the laundry hamper is mandatory. It is important to measure out space and make a purchase that makes a perfect fit.
  2. Variety in Material: Other than the sizes, materials also matter a lot. Canvas, plastic, mesh, or wicker – which one are you planning to buy? Surprisingly, all have their own benefits and drawbacks. Let’s have a detail.If you are looking for something classy and trendy for your smart home, canvas jumbo laundry hampercan be a great option. It is durable, lightweight but at the same time not good enough to keep wet clothes for a long time in the basket. As this may cause mildew.

Coming to the plastic laundry hampers, they are normal light to carry designed with holes to circulate air. But the drawback is plastic material is not so durable, creating trouble after long use.

Mesh laundry hampers are breathable and cost-friendly. However, they are more likely to get destroyed after a prolong use.

Wicker laundry hampers are extremely durable and offer a great partnership in carrying heavy clothes. However, they are not breathable as mesh or plastic.

  1. Portable or non-portable: Portability matters a lot, especially when you are planning to buy a laundry basket that you can carry to multiple destinations, meeting all your needs.However, it is different if you are just looking for a basket to keep your dirty clothes and carry it taking a few steps to your washing machine. Whatever may be your need, it is necessary to find a portable jumbo laundry hamper from the market.
  2. Laundry baskets or hampers: There is no wrong in buying a laundry basket instead of a jumbo laundry hamper. But the problem lies when you have to carry it to the destination.Jumbo laundry hampers come with wheels and thus are easy to carry anywhere. Therefore, it is good to have a hamper instead of choosing a basket to meet your needs.




Throwing out the pile of clothes is not a solution. This makes your room dirty and at the same time creates a bad impression on the viewers. Do you want that? Definitely not.


So, get a jumbo laundry hamper and turn your room tidy, smarter, and attractive. But make sure you don’t go for buying a hamper randomly. Think twice and then make your purchase.