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Store More in Your Kitchen

Store More in Your Kitchen

Modular Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen space is the most notorious part of the home when it comes to clutter. While many kitchen spaces feel cramped, there’s actually a surprising amount of unused kitchen space that can be turned into storage areas for your kitchen items. Here are ways in which you can store more kitchen tools and appliances without taking up much room:

Use every inch of your kitchen cabinet

Even old kitchen cabinets don’t have to be discarded just because they are ‘out-of-date’ or simply too ugly. There are simple things you can do, such as remove handles on doors and drawers, allowing them to slide out easily without having to open them entirely. Replace hardware with brushed steel knobs and add tension rods (or kitchen curtain rods) to hanging storage areas for kitchen accessories.

Storage can also be created using the kitchen corners.

Most kitchen spaces have at least one blind corner, which otherwise can go unused. Creating a kitchen cabinet in this area will both add space to your kitchen cupboards AND improve the functionality of kitchen appliances and utensils – you won’t have to dig around the corner of your kitchen cabinets looking for that elusive spatula! Simply measure & cut plywood panels to size and sand them down till they fit neatly into available kitchen space. To build a kitchen island out of plywood is another idea-just leave more room for a wooden border between the countertop edge and new centerpiece so that it does not stick out to the kitchen table. If the kitchen is large enough, even the kitchen desk can be incorporated into kitchen space, or the kitchen counter can be extended with more cabinets added onto kitchen walls.

Add kitchen shelves

Another simple and cheap way to store more in your kitchen is by using the available wall space above your kitchen cabinet tops – simply install some wood shelving & you will have an instant storage area for your pots, pans, plates, cups & other kitchen essentials. Shelves can also be attached inside kitchen cabinet doors (especially useful if they are sliding). And don’t forget shelves underneath your kitchen cabinets too! These are especially useful for larger items that need to be stored but not used on a regular basis.

Get creative with kitchen counter space.

Kitchen counters can be used to store kitchen items, too, especially if they are not in the kitchen all of the time. For example, most kitchen utensils have their own special place for storage when you aren’t using them. These kitchen tools sit on your kitchen counters while you are cooking dinner or cleaning up after breakfast or lunch and then go back into their respective drawers at night or over the weekend. If you need to save even more kitchen space, store some kitchen appliances behind hanging blinds inside of your kitchen cabinets (such as a small microwave) this will leave more room on your counters for other things.

Save space with wall mounted kitchen racks

Since many kitchens lack adequate cupboards and kitchen drawers, kitchen racks have become a popular kitchen storage solution for kitchen items that don’t need to be kept close at hand. These kitchen organizers are mounted on kitchen walls so you can save even more kitchen space by not having to dedicate cupboard shelves or kitchen countertops for them, and they are perfect for storing pots, pans, kitchen utensils & other kitchen equipment. Wall-mounted kitchen hooks can also be used in the same way as wall-mounted kitchen racks (usually without a rod).

Use kitchen shelving

If your house has an attic, garage, or basement, these spaces can often be converted into extra storage areas using simple wooden shelving units – you will never again run out of places to store your stuff! Just remember to keep kitchen shelves clean and tidy to prevent kitchen clutter.

Go vertical with kitchen storage

Kitchen walls can often be used as kitchen storage space, too – just attach kitchen hooks on kitchen walls for all of your kitchen tools that aren’t attached to the walls already (potholders, pots, pans, etc.). You can also get wall-mounted or free-standing kitchen shelf units to add vertical kitchen storage space in unused areas such as the corners by sinks or behind furniture. A DIY kitchen pegboard is another idea if you don’t want to spend money on a full-shelf unit but still need more vertical kitchen storage.

Use extra furniture

Most houses come with very little built-in cupboard & drawer space because kitchen design is often based on kitchen furniture. Don’t forget that kitchen tables, chairs & kitchen islands can also be used to store kitchen equipment – just stuff kitchen accessories into all of the little corners and between kitchen tops and kitchen cabinets or use table leaves to double up on space.

Multi-purpose storage solutions

Every kitchen has kitchen items that are only used occasionally (mainly in the winter months), such as hot beverage cups, pitchers & bowls for hot soup/drinks (which you may not want to keep in your refrigerator during milder months), holiday linens, dinnerware which can easily be stored out of sight during ordinary weeks. In order to save even more kitchen space by putting these things away faster, get yourself a kitchen storage solution that can be used for a lot of kitchen items by quickly changing your kitchen organization layout. A kitchen cart rolling kitchen island can be placed in the middle of a kitchen and then roll to one side (usually under a kitchen cabinet) after use – this way, you don’t have to spend time taking hot cups or winter linens out of the cupboard & putting them back every single night; just roll that kitchen cart away when done.

Kitchen Supply Packs

Kitchen supply packs are a great way to save space & money at the same time. For example, if you love baking, here are at least 3 different types of kitchen supplies you can get together with friends or family and share – canned goods, baking utensils, kitchen baking tools, kitchen bakeware, and cake decorating supplies. These kitchen supply packs come with all of the kitchen items you will need to make every recipe in your favorite cookbook – but without purchasing duplicates, you already have at home getting.