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Steam Ironing VS. Dry Ironing: Which One is Better?

An iron is an integral part of the household accessories for savvy homeowners to ensure that their clothes are crease-free. You are probably wondering the best iron to purchase; steam iron vs dry iron. This article offers a comprehensive guide that will help you select the best iron for your household. We will review the features of each iron and help you make the proper selection.

can i iron rayon

What is the Difference between Dry Iron and Steam Iron?

The steam iron is referred to as a pressing iron with a unique compartment of holding water. The water is then converted to steam using the iron’s heat and emitted by the soleplate to the fabric that is being pressed. The steam iron is effective for removing stubborn wrinkles from your clothes compared to the traditional dry irons. The steam produced by the steam iron penetrates your clothes and helps in flattening the creases.

On the other hand, the dry iron does not contain a water tank and only contains a soleplate that heats up. When using the dry iron, you press the iron on the clothing placed on the ironing board to achieve smooth and clean garments.

Steam Iron Vs Dry Iron

What are the features of the Steam Iron?

The steam iron is a versatile iron that helps to remove creases on the clothes effectively. It helps remove wrinkles, even stubborn wrinkles on your fabric. Typically, steam iron helps achieve commercial-grade ironing at your home. Some of the essential features of a steam iron include:

Water Tank

A steam iron has a water tank, and that is what differentiates it from a dry iron. The water tank helps your iron to produce steam, thus helps better ironing of your clothes. The steam iron sprays, leaks, and spits water onto your garments. The water tank will help emit the right amount of steam which allows for straightforward and effective ironing. Remember that steam helps in eliminating the most stubborn wrinkles on your clothes.

Steam Holes and Output

Another outstanding feature of the steam iron is the steam output or holes. The iron has a steam output which consists of many tiny holes that give out steam. This ensures that you can adequately remove wrinkles from your garments. The dry irons have no steam holes or output, and its soleplate is smooth and flat.

Spray Mist

Another integral feature of the steam iron is the spray mist. The spray mist helps to dampen your clothes so that it is pretty straightforward for you to remove wrinkles on your clothes. The dry iron does not have a spray mist, and you will be required to make use of a spray bottle to ensure your clothes are damp.

Can we Use Steam Iron as Dry Iron?

Steam irons give you the option of using steam or not using steam. You will be required to flip a switch to use the steam iron as a dry iron. If you want to use your steam iron as a dry iron, ensure you empty the water in the water tank or reset the iron to a dry heating setting.

What are the Advantages of the Steam Iron?

  •    Helps in removing stubborn crease on your garment
  •    It contains a spray and steam option
  •    You have an option of vertical ironing
  •    This icon can help removing creases on curtains, upholstery, and furniture
  •    You can use the steam iron as a dry iron
  •    Works extraordinary to remove wrinkles

What are the Cons of the Steam Iron?

  •    The steam iron is heavy
  •    It uses more energy compared to the dry iron
  •    Leaves unsightly marks on your fabrics
  •    Not ideal for each fabric
  •    Difficult to clean
  •    Can leak water onto your garments

What are the Features of the Dry Iron?

Dry iron is a traditional iron and is preferred due to its simple design. The primary function of a dry iron is to regulate the temperature and does not produce any steam. This type of iron makes it possible to set the iron’s temperature to suit the needs of each fabric. Another factor that makes the dry iron ideal is leaving this type of iron unattended on your garment and will cause no harm to your clothes.

The Soleplate of the Dry Iron

The dry iron contains a flat soleplate which makes it relatively straightforward to clean. The soleplate does not contain any steam holes. Typically the soleplate of the dry iron heats up to ensure you achieve smooth and clean fabrics. The soleplate is made of stainless steel and coated with ceramic or any non-stick substance.

The dry iron will not generate steam thus does not work effectively for stubborn creases. When using a dry iron, you can dampen your clothes using a spray bottle.

Easy to Clean

During the ironing process, the soleplate can get scorched or accumulate stains. Since the dry iron has a flat base with no steam holes, it is pretty straightforward to clean. However, the steam iron contains multiple holes, which can get clogged, and cleaning is quite hard.

What are the Advantages of a Dry Iron?

  •    Dry iron is adequate for most fabrics
  •    The iron is easy to maintain and clean
  •    It is cost-effective
  •    Durable
  •    Does not leave any unsightly marks on your fabric

What are the Cons of Dry Iron

  •    Not produce steam on its own
  •    Ineffective in removing stubborn wrinkles on your garment
  •    No innovative features except for the temperature regulation feature

Key Takeaway

The article above answers the question, ” What is the difference between dry iron and steam iron?”. The main difference is that the steam iron contains a water tank, steam output and steams holes, and spray mist. On the other hand, the dry iron contains a flat soleplate with no steam holes.

The steam iron effectively removes stubborn creases on your garments, and their versatility makes them outstanding. On the other hand, dry iron helps in achieving a clean and smooth look on your clothes. Lastly, the choice of iron depends on your budget and which garments you want to iron.