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What Are Soft Close Drawer Slides?

What Are Soft Close Drawer Slides?

soft close drawer slides

Soft close is a special feature that is mainly found in the different types of drawer slides. This helps in closing the drawers smoothly and silently. This is only possible with the main feature of hydraulics mechanism. These soft close drawers have the main feature of a spring and piston system that is fully equipped in nature. They will help in closing and controlling the drawer. A sliding drawer consists of three main parts which will cover the sliding arm along with metal housing and drawers runners.

Main advantages of soft close drawer slides

  • These drawers are self-closed in nature that will never leave them open. The people will simply push the drawers and the mechanism present in the drawers will close the drawer by itself smoothly.


  • These drawers will assure the people about the closing and opening of them smoothly without creating any kind of problem for the same.


  • These drawer contents will stay on hold which cannot be easily jostled down.


  • They prove to be safer in nature as your fingers will be saved which will give many reasons for accidents at the time of closing of the door.


  • These drawers last long forever as it closes by themselves without putting stress on the drawers to close down.

Different types of drawer slides

European slide- these are the slides that are epoxy coated which are easily rolled on the wheels of the nylon. They are mostly found in pull out shelves. Some of the main benefits of these types of drawers will cover the inexpensive part which can be taken easily without taking out money from the pocket of the person. Along with that they are easy to install which can be installed easily without taking the help from a laborer.

Under mount slides- These types of drawers can be easily mounted under the sliding shelf which is attached to the drawer. They are mostly installed in pairs. They are the most expensive form of drawers that can easily work with the regular cabinets. They are having the main features of soft close technology.

Ball bearing slides- these types of drawers have bearings of small balls that can be easily rolled smoothly along with quiet features. They are easily mounted at the side of each drawer that is coated with zinc along with a metallic slide. They are not having the main features of soft close technology which is mostly found in each type of drawers. They are made up of high quality that will last forever. These types of drawers also have nylon rollers that are mainly designed for the clients to work with self closing drawers.

These are the three main types of drawers that can be easily taken up by the person according to their need and requirement areas. You will come across with main tips that will help the person in selecting the drawer according to the requirements of the clients.

Tips for selecting the best drawer

When the person is moving for drawer selection they have to keep important things in mind. Quality plays an important role where you select the best drawers according to their requirements.

 Size of the drawer– people will come across with different types of drawers that come in different lengths along with sizes that can be from 12 inches to 26 inches. In order to move for this selection you have to consider the types of frames along with the cabinet’s part.

Type of drawer- These drawers are made from metal along with wooden material which are mostly found in high end furniture. They require expert professionals to build these types of drawers. They will not allow flexibility. On the other hand, metal drawers are finished in nature and they are easy to install. These types of drawers are soft along with self closing. These types of drawers are more visible in nature.

 Weight- it is important for the clients to check about the weight part. If the drawers are able to bear more weight than they are best in terms of weight. On the other side, there are some slide drawers which are meant to have low capacities that will not accommodate 100 pound weight capacity easily.

 Main feature of anti-rust- these drawers are having the main features of anti-rust which can be easily protected in terms of rust along with erosion. This feature will help in extending the type of drawers that can easily found in high quality drawer slides.

 They are available in full extension along with ퟀ� extensions. Full extension drawers are such types of drawers that can easily open at all. They are mostly used by many clients because they are equipped with quality parts. It is always suggested to clients that they can easily move for high quality drawers that will help in serving the needs of the clients in the best way. They will last long forever without affecting the life of the drawers. Apart from that they are less expensive in nature and can be easily taken up by the clients for different uses.

It is important for the clients that they should consider the above things that will cover down size along with materials and types before selecting the best option of the drawers. They will also avail the advantage of  customized solutions that will help the person in selecting the slide according to their main requirements. It is important for the clients that they can avail different options in selecting the best drawer that will help in opening and closing parts easily.

Thus you will come across with different types of drawers that will help the person to take their entire decision regarding the purchasing part. You will come across different websites that will help you in taking the entire decision about the sliders in the best way. They can easily call their customer care departments who will come down at their doorstep to brief the different types of drawers along with their price.