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Should You Install Lazy Susan Yourself?

Should You Install Lazy Susan Yourself?

A lazy susan makes it easy to store and retrieve items, especially in a corner kitchen cabinet. Many people want to have a lazy susan installed in their kitchen cabinets because it’s difficult to stretch all the way to the back of the cabinets to retrieve your items. But imagine what would happen if a lazy susan is not installed properly.

If the job is not done right, the tray will start rubbing against the pole or collapse. Of course, it’s always possible to find a remedy to these problems, but why worry when you can hire a professional to install it for you?

Many people wonder if they should install a corner lazy susan by themselves. It’s a simple question, but it doesn’t have a straightforward answer. Well, if you’re here to find an answer, keep reading on.

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It’s Not Always Easy to Install a Lazy Susan

If you are building your kitchen from scratch and want a corner lazy susan installed in one of the cabinets, you can easily assemble it. However, it’s a little difficult to reach inside for existing cabinets, particularly if the cabinet is located too high or too low.

If you plan to install a lazy susan all by yourself, here are a few skills that you must possess to get the job done right.

  • Knowing how to use a drill machine to drill holes in the proper places and install the screws
  • Being able to measure the distances very accurately
  • Reading and understanding instructions on how to install a particular product, which are sometimes written in a vague language
  • Being able to troubleshoot problems while you’re installing a lazy susan or after it has been installed

Types of Lazy Susans and How to Install Them

There is a wide array of products that fall under this category, and you must find one that suits your needs and is easy to install, among other things. When we look at the different types of lazy susans available for corner cabinets, we discover five general types of these trays. These are;

  • Kidney-shaped: These are to be attached to the inside of the cabinet instead of the door. The cabinet doors function independently of the lazy susan.
  • Pie-cut: Pie-cut lazy susans come in shape almost similar to that of a kidney-shaped lazy susan. However, the difference lies in their installation as pie-cut trays have a square inside corner attached to the corner cabinet doors.
  • Full-circle: Well, as it’s clear from the name, these lazy susans are not made to be attached to the cabinet doors. Full circle trays are not just meant for corner cabinets as they can easily fit into any cabinet.
  • D-shaped: Having one flat side, these trays are perfect for corner cabinets and offer great storage efficiency.
  • Half-moon: Half moon lazy susans work well with corner cabinets and all other types of cabinets as they don’t need a lot of space for installation.

 Should You Install Lazy Susan Yourself?

Coming back to the question at hand, it is advisable to install a lazy susan all by yourself if you have experience doing it before. Moreover, go over the types of lazy susans and see which one would be best suited to your needs, and then decide if you can install it by yourself.

Among other things, you have to make sure that;

  • The pole is installed properly so it’s level and the trays can rotate smoothly.
  • The pole, as well as the trays, are sturdy enough to support the weight of the items you plan on putting on them.
  • Your cabinet and its door allow easy access to install the lazy susan inside.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-install revolving lazy susan for your corner cabinet, try 270 Revolving Basket, which comes with a height adjustment feature and is suitable for cabinets measuring 700, 800, and 900 mm. It’s perfect for a corner cabinet as it is a pie-cut lazy susan and comes with a flexible pole to install two or three trays, depending on your requirements.


A lazy susan can be a great investment and something that can make your life easier. However, when it comes to its installation, it’s advisable to gather as much knowledge as possible to avoid any problems. I hope this guide served as a starting point in your mission, and you are now equipped with the right information to achieve your goals.