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How To Select and Install Kitchen Pull Out Baskets

How To Select Kitchen Cabinet Pull Out Baskets?

Kitchen Pull-Out Baskets

In kitchen remodeling, to increase the storage space in the kitchen, we tend to install cabinet pull-out baskets to store kitchen utensils. Various kinds of pull-out baskets allow us to use kitchen cabinets more efficiently. These kitchen essentials help us keep clean and tidy kitchens, improving the quality of life further. So, do you know how to install a kitchen cabinet pull-out organizer? We will tell you the basic installation steps and some general selection tips.

Selection of Pull Out Basket Tips

  • You should pick pull-out baskets that match the size of your cabinet accurately.
  • A high-quality pull-out basket should have burr-free surfaces, smooth and solid welding joints, and well-matched wires.
  • You need to measure the cabinet’s internal width, height, and depth before selecting a pull-out basket. Common and popular pull-out baskets are suitable for 600, 700, 800mm cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Pull Out Basket Installation Steps

Step 1. Use the right drill bit

The first step of installing a cabinet pull-out basket is to choose a proper drill bit according to the size of the screws. Use the drill bit to fix the screws based on their depth and spacing. It should be noted that different cabinet materials and screw sizes have different requirements for the drill bit. If your house’s cabinet material is tougher, you should choose a strong and durable marble drill bit. At the same time, you should have the decorator punch a moderately sized screw hole in both the cabinet and the wall according to the size of the cabinet pullout screws. It is better to punch the hole in the wall tile gap location to avoid tile blowout.

Step 2. Install screws

After drilling the appropriate holes, the next is to install the screws in the corresponding location. You should use expansion plugs to fixed screws to make them more stable and durable. Do not install the plug completely into the hole. You will feel easier to place the pull-out basket in this way.

Step 3. Mount the slides

Mount the slides on the cabinet panel before installing the pull-out basket.

Kitchen Pull-Out Baskets

Other Things You Must Know to Install Kitchen Cabinet Pull Out Baskets

1. After mounting the slides, you can install the pull-out organizer. You should pay attention to the level of the basket. Make sure that the organizer is kept at the same height on both sides before installation.

2. Try to install cabinet drawers and pull-out baskets downward, so that they can hold more things. It is a good way to improve your cabinet space utilization. You should also set the pull-out handle in the middle of the cabinet door to make it easy to pull the basket out.

3. It is best to use plastic wall plugs to extend the service life of the basket. Because of the interaction force between pull-out basket and cabinet panel, long time use of cabinet will make the screws off if not installed in this way.

The above is for the cabinet pull-out basket installation method. In general, you need to prepare the necessary tools, accurate measurement data before installation. With a suitable installation method, you can add practical storage tools for your kitchen.