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Hand Crank Manual Sit to Stand Desk

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Product Description

Hand Crank Manual Sit to Stand Desk


  • Hand crank and manually operated option, the most affordable height adjustable desk choice;
  • Simple and effective crank system to adjust to desired sit or stand heights;
  • Adopts inverted leg orientation which can weld stablity braces to both sides and maintain sturdy without the need for a crossbar.
  • Metal structural parts are made of high quality cold-rolled sheet metal; With side holes and lighter weight;
  • Table bases are equipped with direction adjustment pads which appress the floor;
  • Help prevent obesity, lumber vertebra, back pain and so on
Brand VENACE V # of Telescopic Stages Two-stage
Leg Orientation Rectangular Side hole Yes
Frame size(inch/mm) W(45-1/4’’-63’’)*D23-3/5’’


Size of Exterior Column(inch/mm) 3-1/6’’*2’’


Column height range(inch/mm) 27-3/8’’-45-8/25’’


Material Steel

(Material Code:RAL)

Top height(inch/mm) 1’’


Max speed 6.12mm/r
Farben RAL 9016 (White)/

RAL 9005 (Black)/

RAL 9006 (Grey)

Certification CE,UL,CB,SAA,BIFMA
Permitted Push Force(lb/kg) 176lb/Frame


Voice Level 50db
Operate temperature 0-40 degree Warranty 5years

Hand Crank Desk| Hand Crank Adjustable Desk| Height Adjustable Desk

Corporations administration now not only pay attention to the working performance and the result but the staff care. The Office workers now also are chasing for a healthier way to work. The way of working needs to be a combination of Environmental-friendliness, Technology. Bring efficiency, productivity, flexibility, job satisfaction to employees.

Want to have a height adjustable desk but not so much budget? Then Hand Crank Desk must be your best choice.

Same function with electric table but need manual operation, the hand crank table is more environmental and the height can be easily adjusted to the desired height. The hand crank table adopted inverted leg orientation which can weld stability braces to both sides and maintain sturdy without the need for a crossbar.

This Venace Hand Crank Desk provides smoother height adjustments from 27-3/8’’-45-8/25’’, The voice level of Hand Crank Desk is under 50db which gives you a quite operating time and a peaceful working environment.

The Hand Crank Desk adopted high-quality cold-rolled sheet metal for the metal structural parts, ensures long time using and help prevent obesity, lumbar vertebra, back pain and so on.

Are you looking for manually operated Hand Crank Desk? venace.com is the best place. Visit us and explore our products. We offer the best quality products, and you will never disappointed.

Hand Crank Desk – A Budget-Friendly Product by Venace

Venace does not just pay attention to the working performance and productivity, it even takes care of the health of the employees spending high time at work sitting in the same position. To turn their desire into reality, they introduced the hand crank desk to the market.

The hand crank desk has almost the same features and functionality but it helps to improve the health of the individuals using it. From bringing efficiency to job satisfaction, the desk has the power to hold back the employees.

Venace’s hand crank desk unlike the motorized standing desk are manually operated but provides the same features that are friendly enough to the employees.

Features of Hand Crank Desk

 Hand crank desk offered at Venace is featured with a manually operated motor. Unlike the motorized one, these desks need a manual operation to adjust the height of the table.

  1. The height of the manual standing desk can be adjusted from 27-3/8’’- 45-8/25’’. You can manually operate this as per your requirement.
  2. Hand crank desks are designed with inverted leg orientation. This can fix the table and keep it stable on both sides, making it much stronger and durable without the need for any crossbar.
  3. The voice level maintained in this desk is under 50db. Such a desk is exclusively designed to provide a soothing working environment and a painless working pressure.
  4. The manual hand crank desk is structured with high-quality cold-rolled sheet metal, specifically for the meta structural parts. This ensures to provide a healthy lifestyle reducing the risk of obesity, lumbar vertebra, body ache, and other health problems.

Advantages of Using Manual Standing Desk

  1. Although the manual operation of the hand crank desk seems to be tedious, the desk meets the needs of every budget-friendly buyer. Since no motor system is integrated into the desk, the price of the standing desk is quite customer-friendly.
  2. The hand crank desk meets the needs of every individual who spend maximum time sitting at work. It is the best and a healthy choice for budget-friendly buyers.
  3. The hand crank manual standing desk reduces the risk of weight gain, high blood pressure, high sugar level, body aches, heart disease, and other health issues, keeping the body fit and energized always.
  4. The manual standing desk is even eco-friendly. Since there is no use of a motor, there is no energy loss.
  5. It is designed to improve work efficiency, business productivity, flexibility, and job satisfaction.Look for the best hand crank desk at Venace and enjoy the combination of technology and eco-friendly benefits.
Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Hand Crank Manual Sit to Stand Desk

  1. 5 out of 5


    This desk is very sturdy and fits my needs perfectly…love it. The castles are a nice addition to allow slight movements. Took about 45 minutes to assemble. I’m standing most of the time.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Fantastic Design! I am absolutely in love with this desk!

  3. 5 out of 5


    This is a standing desk. It’s a little high to sit at as well. I had to get an extra high seat. Went together easy. Does the job well.

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