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Ironing Board Size Guide – Height, Length and Folded

The iron boards are considered to be an indispensable part of the house as it is useful in keeping the clothes neat and clean. They boast of sturdy feel and strong touch owing to which people prefer to opt for them on a wide scale. Since they are composed of premium quality of materials, they are a safer and suitable choice for the house. It is equipped with the safety features, such as child locks and locking systems. From this article, you can seek information about the ironing board size guide:

build in ironing board

Mini and Tabletop

These products are considered to be an optimum choice for people, with confined space in the room. End users prefer to choose these products as they can place them over the table. Due to their portability and light weight feature, they are regarded as an extensive feature to press the clothes in no time. These accessories boast of 12″ width and 32″ length.


It is equipped with the thick polyester padding and cotton cover of premium quality which assures a firmer ironing surface. In addition, it comes with durable legs, which are meant to offer amazing stability and surface grip. It includes the adjustable height, which can be adjusted to three unique levels. It comes with the measurement of 122 * 46 * 77 cm.

Small and Narrow

With the weight of 7.5 pounds, this product features the lightweight design. The best thing about this product is that you can set it up easily. Hence, they are regarded as an optimum choice for people with heavier boards. This board includes the width of 13″ and 53″ length.

Larger and wider

They are regarded as an optimum choice for people, who are looking forward to perform heavy duty ironing. It boasts of improved surface area, and offers optimum stability. These boards’s weight varies by more than 20lbs. The lengths of these products are 49 inches whereas its weight is about 18inches.

Regular boards

These accessories have become the number one choice of people as they assure a comfortable and outstanding ironing experience. It includes the weight of 15inches and length of 54 inches.


These products are a wonderful choice if you want to have the organized and neat laundry room. The board is available in the range of 38-41 inches width. They are smaller in size. They include the length of 38-41 inches. On the other hand, they feature 40-50 inches height, whereas the width of the product is about 12-16 inches.

Specialized Quilting

These boards come with the length of 67 inches and width of 19inches. It includes the adjustable height, which come in the range of 30-38 inches.

Tips to choose the right ironing board

Now, we are going to consider the primary factors, you should follow to select the proper ironing board:

What are you going to iron?

The primary step, you should consider before purchasing the product is the garments, you want to iron. If you want to press the smaller products, you do not require buying the huge boards. The boards of A,B, and C size is going to be the suitable choice for you. In addition, they help in saving an ample amount of money and space.

The place where you will press the clothes

Another primary factor, you should take into account before purchasing the iron board is the place in which you will do pressing. If you have a larger space, it is recommended to opt for the largest board.

The place in which you will store the product

If you press the clothes in every few weeks, it would be a good idea to store it in the cupboard. Though few people prefer to keep it behind the sofa, it is not the best choice for homes with pets and kids.

Measuring the space

If you want to press garments of medium-size, the boards of size C and size D are going to do wonders for you. It would be a good idea to take measurement of the lengths if you have sufficient space for moving the board. Next to this, you should take measurement of the storage spot, you are planning to use.

The wholesale ironing boards are believed to be the excellent alternative to offer an elegant look and feel to the garments. They provide the stable surface which can absorb the heat so that the clothes are pressed easily.