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How to Spend Less Time Ironing Clothing

How to Spend Less Time Ironing Clothing

Do you want to spend less time on ironing? Are you looking for some easy ways to minimize your ironing time? Ironing clothing is tiresome for many of us. However, we all like to wear ironed and well-maintained clothes. There are many ways to maintain the balance. You can iron your clothes without spending a lot of time. You can get a wall mounted ironing board and iron your clothes while watching TV. Whenever you feel like ironing, you can go ahead without any additional preparation. In the following, we will discuss more how to spend less time ironing clothing.

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 Shake Clothes

Have you ever thought of shaking clothes before ironing? You can do it once to know the difference. After shaking, there will be only a few wrinkles. You can iron those wrinkles without spending much time. By shaking, you can prepare your cloth for ironing and minimize your time and effort. Shaking is not hard at all.

Start with Less Wrinkled Clothes

Before ironing, you can organize your clothes from less wrinkled to more wrinkled clothes. Also, check the symbol of the laundry to ensure that it can iron your clothes. The iron will start heating gradually, and the most wrinkled items will get adequate heat for ironing. If you set the less wrinkled clothes first, you will not have to wait until the iron gets cool down so that you can iron them.

Use Steam

Sometimes, you might have noticed that wrinkles are still there after ironing hard. If this is the case, you can consider using steam. Steam is the enemy of wrinkles, and all the wrinkles will go away with steam. You can use a clothes steamer to reduce the ironing time.

Utilize Your Dryer

You can consider using the dryer for lightly wrinkled clothes. First, you will have to dampen the clothes with water, and then you can toss them in the drawer. Within a few minutes, your clothes will look new and fresh. The heat will turn the moisture into steam, and the wrinkles will go away in no time.

Give Your Clothes a Steam Bath

Yes, you can give your clothes a steam bath to avoid ironing. You will have to hang your wrinkled clothes on hangers and allow them to have a shower with you. Close the windows and doors to get the required steam. All the wrinkles will go away with a steam bath.

Shop Intelligently

We never think of ironing while buying clothes. It does not come to our mind. However, you can also consider this factor while buying new clothes. Some fabrics will not get wrinkles fast. We can take the example of lycra, nylon, and polyester. You can also go with textured fabrics. All these fabrics are easy to maintain. Also, they minimize the need for ironing.

 Find a Wall Mounted Ironing Board

Many of us do not focus more on the ironing board. However, a suitable ironing board can reduce the ironing time noticeably. You can mount the board wherever you want and consider ironing at your convenient time.

Hang Your Clothes ASAP

After drying up the clothes, you will have to hang them immediately. With hanging, you can prevent wrinkles. As a result, you will have to spend less time on the ironing. Also, the hanging clothes will maintain warmness. That will not allow the wrinkles to set in.

Maintain Your Iron

If your iron is dirty, it might impact delicate fabrics. The dirt will stick to the clothes during the ironing. In some cases, you cannot remove them from your clothes. Therefore, you will have to clean and maintain irons to prevent such conditions. Also, you will feel good while using a cleaned iron.

Avoid Circles

Many prefer to iron in circular motions. If you have this habit, you can change it. Circular motions will scratch the fabrics and can impact the fitting of your clothes. You can consider parallel strokes in a single direction to speed up the ironing. Also, it will not cause stretching.

Wrapping It Up

Ironing will not demand a lot of time if you plan well. Make sure that you have a well-maintained iron and a suitable ironing board. Hang your clothes after drying up to minimize the ironing needs. Also, you can use steam to remove wrinkles. Choose the right fabrics as well.