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How to Remove Dresser Drawers – The Complete Guide

If you know how to remove dresser drawers, then it would become handy. You can always maintain your drawers clean and move them whenever you feel necessary. It is not easy if the drawers are heavy and huge. This is totally true if you are planning to move houses. Even if you plan to rearrange your house and give your house a different look, it would be difficult if you don’t know how to remove dresser drawers.

how to remove dresser drawers

The advantage of knowing the art of removing the drawers is that you tend to do all the related jobs effectively. When you know how to do it, you will do it without damaging the furniture. The tools you use to remove the drawer depend on the type of drawer.

In this article, you are going to read the basic mechanisms and ways to remove dresser drawers. You can smoothly and easily remove the drawers using these ways.

Check the drawer slide before you employ a method to remove them. When your drawers get stuck, you may have to remove them completely to identify the issue. This guide can turn into your ultimate alley if you are learning how to remove dresser drawers.

Center Metal slide drawers-ways to remove it

Dresser drawers, unlike other drawers, are broader. This is one of the reasons why they are equipped with a center metal slide. These slides ensure that the drawers are attached properly on either side. It also enables you to open and close the drawer smoothly. If you have a problem with this, then the supplement slide is probably the issue. Here are a few things you may have to look into before you remove center metal slide enabled drawer.

The first-hand inspection should reveal if there is any locking appliance. This will help you act accordingly. If you are targeting to work on the locking system, then you may have to press the release button first, before you pull out the drawer. The click sound is the one that lets you know that the drawer has disengaged.

There can also be a pull-out guard that can help you pull out all these without damaging the drawer.

Do you have a drawer with bottom slides? Learn how to remove it.

Wider dresser drawers with bottom slides help them improve the stability of the drawers. Look if there are any releasing mechanisms before you prepare to remove the drawer. Once you find them, press them to free the drawer. Wiggle the drawers out if you don’t find a releasing mechanism. You may have to apply some pressure at times to get the drawers removed.

How to remove the roll-top from the desk?

The roll-top desk is one amazing thing you can have in your house. This covers the top part of the drawer and gives it an adorable look. You can have a hidden portion on your work space when you have a roll top. You may have to close the drawers on top before you attempt to remove the davenport from the desk. Open the top and unfasten the screws. Move the roll-top and pull-out the slatted door. Find out if there is any damage and rectify them before you replace the roll top.

file cabinet drawers and the ways to remove them

European hinges are used to fix file cabinet drawers. The easiest way to remove a file cabinet drawer is to first pin point the type of slide used in it. If you identify it as a grating or friction slide, then applying some pressure is all that is required to remove it. If you find a lever, then press the lever to detach the drawer. The pressing latch slides require you to press the right button and the rail disconnect slide requires you to remove the slides.

Removing drawers with stops

Stops help the drawers to stay in place and they are usually made of plastic. The easiest way to remove a drawer with stops is to pull it out eventually. Disengage them by pressing the buttons or levers. Look for the “click” sign to stay confident that all is fine.

ball-bearing drawer slides- How to detach?

The first thing to do is ensure the roller/ball bearings and the sides of the drawer are rightly lubricated. Once this is done, pull out the drawer after which you can lift it up slightly. In case, the drawer is stuck then you may have to add a few drops of oil for it to function smoothly. Even if this doesn’t seem to work then remove the debris off the rails. This will ensure that the drawer slides easily.

Want to remove a drawer that has full extension slide?

Wider and longer drawers are fitted with full extension slides. You will find these slides on either side. To remove these kinds of drawers, you have to release the drawer to full length. Find out where the lever or latch is attached. Detach the drawer by releasing it. Incline the drawer to a particular angle to figure of the presence of a safety tab. Drag the drawer slowly until you hear a dim and steady click.


I am looking to install some slides on my old drawer- How do I do?

New ones or old ones, the method remains the same. The only thing to ensure is that the drawer is strong enough to withstand the wear or tear that may come with positioning the slides. See here on how you can install slides on drawers.

My drawer is stuck how do I open it?

If the drawer is stuck, then you might be in a fix. If you find the drawer is not sliding smoothly then apply some lubricant. You may also try removing the debris.

How do I remove the drawers in dressers?

One may try any of methods you just read to remove a drawer out of a dresser. Not all drawers have slides. They can be simply removed by pressing a button or moving a slider. So, find out which works the best for your drawer.


You might have noticed that modern-day drawers are equipped with European slides. This is primarily due to the reason that they are comfortable to place and are durable. When you plan to install drawers, see that you purchase one of good quality. Use a trusted brand, go through the catalog before you make a decision.