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How to Make the Most of a Small Kitchen

Making the Most of Small Kitchen Space with some Help from Venace

Are you bothered by having a small kitchen and wish to find ways in making the most out of small kitchen space? Do you feel your movements are restricted due to cramped space and wish that there’s a way to make the kitchen look more spacious? These problems may have been something difficult to resolve in the past, but it is no longer the case in the present. There are things you can do to create more space and make your kitchen look more spacious than it is. Take a look at some of the things that can help you create an ideal kitchen.

Maintain Organized Worktops

Keeping organized worktops can help provide the space you need when preparing something in your kitchen. You can avoid putting too many things, such as the different spices, on your worktop when you use a Heightened Spice Rack Pull Down Shelf that can also keep your spices organized. All you need to do is reach out for the spice that you need from the rack without disturbing the things that you have on your worktop.

kitchen countertop

Create Orderly Cabinets

You can arrange your kitchen cabinets in one or two sections along the length of your kitchen. Doing so can contribute a lot to making the most of small kitchen space. You can install a pull-out basket in your cabinet for ease of access. You don’t need to worry about bumping into something while trying to reach out for the thing you need inside the cabinet. You simply pull out the basket and get the items that you need. You don’t need to take out the things that you are going to use prior to preparation. You will have ample space to work on when you only need to take out the things that you will use at the time when you need them already.

Pull Out Basket2Create a Good Layout for your Appliances

Since your kitchen is small, you can take advantage of the kitchen work triangle – the fridge, oven, and sink should be placed near each other. You need to access these three important things every now and then whenever you need to make kitchen preparations. It is also important to keep only the important appliances that you usually use whenever you prepare your dishes. Avoid putting bulky appliances in your kitchen for they will only make the space more cramped than before.

Organize your Utensils

Always keep your utensils organized and orderly all the time. Don’t keep them lying everywhere in the kitchen. Designate a place where you keep all your utensils and keep them that way. Also, you will be able to work with ease when the items that you need to use are in their proper places.

You may also want to install an Under-Sink Pull-Out Sliding Organizer to access the items, which you can put under the sink, with ease. Your work will be cut almost in half when you have these innovative contraptions installed in your cabinet.

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Use Appropriate Lighting Scheme

Using an appropriate lighting scheme is one of the few novel tricks that you can employ in making the most of small kitchen space. Light colors with white tint will reflect light naturally. It can prevent the room from looking and feeling dark and cramped. You may choose a cream color or bright white. You may also opt for light grey, light shades of blue, yellow, and light shades of green.

It is important to only choose one color for your cabinet doors and kitchen walls. The trick is to remove any visual barriers, which different colors usually create. When there are no visual barriers, the room will appear much bigger than it is. You may also take advantage of the natural light in your kitchen. Installing many windows when possible can help you achieve this.

Let your creativity and imagination run wild when looking for ways in making the most of small kitchen space. Most of the time, a little imagination and helpful cabinet contraptions are all you need to create an ideal, spacious kitchen.