How To Clean Kitchen Cabinets 2
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How to Keep Your Kitchen (Constantly) Clutter-Free and Clean?

How to Keep Your Kitchen (Constantly) Clutter-Free and Clean?

How To Clean Kitchen Cabinets 2

Small confined spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms should always be clean and clutter-free. This ensures the best possible hygiene standards. And what would be better than having a clutter-free kitchen every day? However, the reality is that maintaining cleanliness every day is challenging for most people. However, there are simple strategies that can be implemented in the houses for helping kitchen countertops to be free of clutter.

Cleaning Kitchen Countertops

A kitchen countertop is a place touched by many while using the kitchen. At such a time, all utensils kept on the countertops should remain in order, which helps in better efficiency and keeps the person engaged in the kitchen. The most commonly used kitchen storage space is the dish rack which needs to be frequently cleaned to avoid the buildup of dirt and clutter. The countertops help people in keeping tableware and washed dishes and at the same time, it also helps in draining water and can also fit tools and knives that are used commonly. Additionally, many common organizers should also be cleaned for efficient kitchen storage of spices.

Always Store Things inside the Cabinets

For the people who discourage open-shelving, the kitchen can appear neat when belongings are within closed cabinet doors instead of remaining open. If you aim for a clutter-free kitchen, you’ll better stick to the cabinets so you can at least hide the clutter that you’ve got. When you love the open shelving, it’s best to be comfortable with minimal style, get a unified color palette, or display pretty things within containers for keeping things tidy and intentional.

Clearing out Excessive Teacups and Coffee Mugs

Will you require all such teacups and coffee mugs as a present? Probably not!

So the ones that are chipped, broken, and don’t work anymore, can be donated or you can toss them to some other place. The same is also applicable for the ceramics that you’ve used.

Follow the rule of “one in, one out”

All clutter-free kitchens generally are laid on a plan for keeping it that way and it would typically involve some form of the rule “one in, one out” meaning that when anything new that you bring within the space, something else should be taken out. Through this way, you can have a healthy balance and the stuff does not start taking over. Here are some other space-saving tips you can look at.

Keep it Away, Rather than Keeping it Down

Every item in the kitchen should be in its place. Nothing should be left to the kitchen storage whims. It is also a good habit to have a clutter-free kitchen. While thinking of the mantra “put it away, instead of putting it down”, every time you have to put things down randomly in the kitchen. Is it dirty? Put it inside the dishwasher then! You can keep new or clean items in the refrigerator, pantry, or cupboard. It shouldn’t be openly left.

Checking the Freezer and the Pantry

A major kitchen no-no is a bad habit of keeping things inside the pantry or freezer long after they’re gone. It’s best to toss these out. No one would have to touch it as they’re only a waste of space. On the other hand, when something is bad, you’ll know to not use it again.

Keep the Rest Aside

Many moments are present where you’ll have to make an impulsive buy such as food processors and useful juicers, shredders, or other things. When you’ve got something such as that in the kitchen and you haven’t used these for more than six months, it would be time to have a separate space for it (generally out of the kitchen).

Cleaning up the Supplies

Check the cleaning supplies from time to time. And also make sure to notice if there are empty bottles that won’t require it. Then, make lists of what you want and what you don’t for trashing the latter. To get simple cleaning ideas you can store kitchen essentials in a separate space.

Hang Up the Oven Mitts

Don’t make the mistake of leaving the mitts around. When you don’t have nails for hanging them, you can hang them on the wall while cleaning the kitchen countertop. It can also add up an aesthetic touch to get a better appearance of the kitchen.

It is a necessity to have a clutter-free pantry and a kitchen and it shouldn’t be a daily tedious chore. With a little bit of effort and inventive ideas, you’ll not only clean the kitchen for the time being but would see a clean kitchen daily. So after following these ideas, you’ll find that the kitchen is looking clean and nice. Many other ideas help you being used to a clutter-free and clean kitchen such as adding a beautiful large cabinet for separating all the non-essentials.