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Do You Know How to Actually Iron a Business Shirt?

Do You Know How to Actually Iron a Business Shirt?

Ironing a business shirt is an issue that should be treated with care. The clothes worn to business meetings create impressions. As a CEO, the business shirt should be ironed properly to improve the company’s image. In most cases, the employees will be a representative of the company. If they are well prepared for the business meeting and wearing clean and smart clothes, they will make their company appear trusted. There are several steps involved when ironing a business shortly. First, there should be enough preparations. Get the right ironing board for the job. There are many ironing boards manufacturers in the market. Looking at the different manufacturers and the features available on the various ironing boards increases the chances of getting the perfect ironing board. The ironing box also matters. Some brands come with steam, and others will require separate water bottles. Ensure the right tools are available before starting the process. Checking out ironing board manufacturers makes it easy to locate the perfect ironing board.

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Tips when ironing a business shirt

There are several tips to employ before starting the ironing process. For example, the business shirt comes in different materials. It is essential to check out the type of materials because they will demand specific ironing requirements. Check out the shirt label, and it will offer more information about the ironing process. Simple tips to follow and avoid getting confused are:

Read out the shirt label

Before the ironing process starts, the shirt label should be ready to ensure all essential details about the shirt are captured. Always work with a high-quality ironing box that can accommodate the requirements. The care label will indicate all the steps people can follow to realize the best results as they iron the shirts. The care label is located at the collar of the shirt towards the back. Check out the ironing instructions to know the temperature settings. It will also indicate whether dry ironing or wet ironing is required.

Set up the shirt for ironing

After all details about the ironing requirements have been understood, the next step is to spread the shirt on an ironing board and get started. The shirt will have wrinkles. Start by dispelling them out on the ironing board before the iron can come to do the rest. A wide ironing box is essential for business shirts. They are big because, in most cases, they are worn by adults. The ironing board should be placed near the power outlet to allow the ironing cord to reach the ironing box and connect to the sockets.

Wet the shirt

Some shirts require wet ironing. The ironing box may not have an inbuilt wetting system. Use a spray bottle to spread mist on the shirt to become wet ready for the ironing process. The shirt should not be too wet if it will be worn shortly. Application of water is essential to reduce the chances of burning the shirt when ironing.

Shirt preparation

The first step to take when preparing the shirt for ironing is to undo all the buttons. Some of the buttons that should be undone are the cuffs. It is essential to undo the buttons to spread wide open for easy ironing of the different sections. After undoing the buttons, spread them on the ironing board to kickstart the ironing process.

Keep the iron g moving when ready

After the preparation process, the hot iron should not be left in one location. It can easily burn the shirt. Ensure it is moving on the shirt where the water sprays landed. If it is essential to have a look at certain wrinkles, then the iron should not rest on the shirt. Some irons come with holders to rest to avoid the hot surfaces burning the padding on the ironing board or the shirt.

Steps to ironing a business shirt

The Collar

The collar should be ironed flat before ironing. Ensure to iron both sides. Start from the outside, moving towards the inner sides. After finishing the outer side, fold over the shirt and iron the other side of the collar. The collar gets noticed by many people when wearing a business shirt. It is essential to ensure the ironing is properly done to remove all the wrinkles.

The Cuffs

Like the process that was followed to iron the collar, open the cuffs, then iron them on both sides. It is essential to ensure they are well ironed because people will notice the cuffs when wearing the business shirt. Remove all creases and folds that may have developed on the cuffs to achieve the best results when ironing the shirt. Start from the outside, then move inward.

The Yoke

It is the section towards the back and the shoulder section. Start from one side and move towards the middle. After the other side has been ironed, the next stop is to turn the shirt over and repeat the process.

The Back

The back should be ironed starting from the inside then move to the outer side. Dampen The shirt to remove creases and achieve the perfect look. Ironing the shirt properly will contribute to achieving the best-looking shirt.

The Front

When ironing the front start with the placket. It is the location where the buttons and the holes are located. The pointed part of the iron can easily get between the holes.

The Sleeves

The fold should be at the bottom. Iron both sides of the shirt. Pulling the shirt gently is essential to get the desired results. If there are many wrinkles, they can be removed by hand before applying the hot iron.

The steps are easy to follow. They are highly effective in removing wrinkles from the shirt. The application of the latest technology makes it easy to get the best results when working on the ironing board. The simple steps that people take to iron the business shirts contribute to improving the image. Compare the ironing board manufacturers to get the perfect for everyday ironing needs.