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How To Install Concealed Hinges

How To Install Concealed Hinges

how_to install concealed hinges

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Once upon a time, concealed hinges were unheard of. Cabinet hinges used to be similar to door hinges, which were bulky and ugly things made of galvanized iron and gave out noisy squeaks whenever you open or close your cabinet doors. These old hinges also impeded a nice view of the kitchen since their barrels stuck out like a sore thumb against clean cabinets, especially when they got rusty. Sure, they are easy to install, but once they got rusty, it affected the overall look of the cabinets. The rust also weakened the hinge and caused it to fall apart.

However, modern times and advanced technology gave birth to a new breed of cabinet hinges: the concealed hinges. It is sleek and discreet, and it barely makes any noise. The Euro-style concealed hinges look much better, and they are hidden so well, you would not know they’re there unless you open your cabinets. They are usually made of stainless steel, which does not rust. If you are thinking of modernizing your cabinets, concealed hinges are one of the first things you should consider installing. Out with the old, in with the new, they say, and with concealed hinges supporting your cabinet doors, you will be sporting them for a very long time.

The Installation Process

So, how to install concealed hinges? There are a few steps to properly install them and ensure they are sturdy enough to support opening and closing cabinet doors multiple times.

1.Choose your hinge type

You first have to check your cabinet if they are of the face frame type or the frameless type. Having a face frame type of cabinet means that there is a frame built around the opening of your cabinet. This frame is where the hinges are installed. If your cabinet is the frameless type, the hinges go on the cabinet’s inside walls. Once you have figured that out, it’s time to check the hinge that fits your cabinet best. If you’re confused about what to choose, here is a guide on the different types of hinges available. Additionally, you might want to consider the soft-close kind of hinge, especially if you are a little careless with opening and closing cabinet doors.

2.Remove your cabinet doors and start prepping them

The second step on how to install concealed hinges is to remove the doors. Drilling holes require the cabinet doors to be separated from the actual cabinet. It makes the process easier because you can move around the door without working inside the cabinet. Plus, you can also paint your cabinet before putting in the hinges. Patch up the holes from the previous hinges with wood scraps or toothpicks with glue, wait for them to dry, then sand over the area to eliminate the rough patches.

3.Start drilling cup holes

Concealed hinges require cup holes for them to disappear into. In addition, cup holes serve as their anchor to make them sturdier. For installation, you will need a drill and a hinge jig to avoid having crooked cabinet doors. Jigs allow you to drill holes in the same place where the two parts of the hinge go, and it’s less work too.

4.Install the hinges

You can now start attaching the mounting plate of the hinges to the door. First, use a drill to put in the screws instead of using a screwdriver. This process saves you time and effort. Next, install the other part of the hinge to the inside of the cabinet using the same equipment.

5.Mount the door

This is the second to the last step on how to install concealed hinges. Once you start mounting the door, you may need a partner to hold the door up for you while you put in the screws, especially if your cabinet door is a little on the heavy side. Attaching the door to the cabinet may seem like a tricky process, but with the right tools and a buddy to help you out, it won’t seem too big of a task.

6.Adjust if you must

If you’ve snapped the hinges in place and the cabinet doors are looking a little wonky, you can always adjust. You don’t need to worry too much if the door is crooked; you won’t need to take it out again and drill new holes. All you have to do is loosen the screws a bit and adjust accordingly.

Those five simple steps are what you need to know on how to install concealed hinges.