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How do we Create an Effective Kitchen Work Triangle system?

How do we Create an Effective Kitchen Work Triangle system?

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This generation is a high time where it is a norm to think about our houses and find ways to improve every corner, ebb, and flow while we lodge here. We live in our homes every day, and it is just appropriate to find ways to make our own space beautiful and comfortable for ourselves.

Many people are looking for various hacks to give them comfort, even by looking at the harmonious designs found in every area of their home. How about the kitchen? Do we think about the methods and structure inside the kitchen that will provide us with comfort while cooking and eating?

Sometimes, we may celebrate at home, and that is where we see how the kitchen is one of the essential areas at home to prepare food and eat together as a family. Does our kitchen give us a space to walk and move around while preparing food and even eating on it? This effective system called the kitchen work triangle is the key to having the most convenient, sustainable, and easiest way to achieve the goals to have a comfortable kitchen.

What is a Kitchen Work Triangle?

Kitchen Work Triangle is the system where design benefits us to have an efficient working space as we cook, dine, prepare food, and enjoy our family together. Having a Kitchen Work Triangle system lessens kitchen traffic and makes us have a defined cooking strategy where cooking, organizing, and washing food makes sense. The kitchen work triangle makes the sink, the range, and the refrigerator come together as a space where we can efficiently and

conveniently do our kitchen tasks.

The sink is where we wash our plates, the gas range is where we cook our foods, and lastly, the refrigerator is the storage keeper keeping our foods, whether they are fresh or perishable. These kitchen areas are essential in making you have that fantastic food preparation without the stress and pressure.

Think of your space in the kitchen

The standard is that the sink, range, and refrigerator should not exceed 26 feet apart on the sides. Each side of the triangle must be four (4) and nine (9) feet apart. Also, no obstacles should be able to hinder these areas so that you can work freely and efficiently around them. In the kitchen, we recommend you not have too many decorations to work around efficiently in that space because time is vital in preparing food. If you think a kitchen is a place to entertain you, you should set it aside in the living room or other parts of your home.

Ensure that you will follow your Kitchen Work Triangle.

Make sure that you follow the kitchen work triangle. The triangular shape will depend on the size of the kitchen. Though we need to follow the rule and standards, we should not have any obstacles preventing us from working around the triangle, such as trash cans, chairs, and baskets.

Your kitchen should have a multi-functional space that is specific to your cooking. You should have pantry storage, sink storage, cooking storage, and, sometimes, a dining table in the kitchen. Make sure that although you have those placed in the kitchen, these objects should not be set as an obstruction. In this way, your family can avoid accidents.

Although the kitchen work triangle is an old form of a kitchen area, this system boasts testimonies that it is effective through time. The effectiveness of this method will give you an efficient working space in your kitchen. Aside from cooking delicious foods and ensuring our family is not hungry, the kitchen work triangle makes our family safe.

Kitchen duties zones.

In the kitchen, we have so many tasks or responsibilities that we need to do this because aside from cooking and eating, we also have other jobs to do in our everyday lives.

We have some workloads outside in our kitchen, such as washing clothes and preparing for our job, that is why we need to do our task immediately. Kitchen duties are specified by these criteria, our food storage, food preparation, and other utensils for cooking. By placing it in your working zone, you will be moving efficiently in preparing.

The two principles that will enhance your duties in the kitchen are space allocation for the triangle method and locating the utensils and tools used for cooking and eating in our kitchen zones. These two principles work together for the better usage of your kitchen. While doing the repetitive style of the triangular kitchen work area, you should remember the things that will support you in fulfilling tasks around the kitchen.

How to enhance your kitchen working experience

You must be able to know how the three major areas in the kitchen work. You must make sure that the corners and materials you are going to use can help you improve your daily cooking and eating routine. Make sure that whatever you put in the kitchen will not worsen your preparations.

If you want to decorate your kitchen and have gadgets and appliances around, have no worries. Although we strive to make sure that the kitchen becomes a sacred place for cooking and eating, we should also ensure that what we put there can increase productivity and enhance our safety.

Suppose you have thoughts about finally putting together your kitchen and upgrading it to a more efficient setup for your food preparation and eating. In that case, you should consult a household products and solutions provider and manufacturer who also knows what products are appropriate for your housing and kitchen needs.

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