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Everything You Need to Know About Smart Home Technology

Everything You Need to Know About Smart Home Technology

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Everything You Need to Know About Smart Home Technology

Home Automation began with the invention of the Thermostat and has now become one of the greatest and the biggest markets when it comes to technology. It has been advancing since its introduction to the world. You can place it anywhere in your house be it electrical appliances, personal assistants, smart kitchens and much more.

How does it work?

There is a central control system that is the master of the entire home automation. You get to control all the functions through it. Be it the lighting, washing machine, sprinkle and everything else. The security they provide us is just amazing. It is quite convenient to control everything from a single system.

Another way to control home automation is through an app. The app helps you give commands to your home just like the centre does.

Smart Homes

The smart homes that you used to see in movies have now become a reality. You can now have a home-like Ironman who does things at your command.


Let us know about the basics first. These can be handled with ease and are really affordable.

Smart Speakers

The speakers can become your personal assistant. You can control the functions with your voice. You can command Alexa, Siri and Google with it. Just see that the speakers are compatible with your devices.

Smart TV

Smart TVs are a great invention. You can watch any series you want or any other video. You can pair them with any OTT platform. You can pair it to the central hub of the smart home system and then give commands to your Smart TV.

Light Automation

Light automation comes with two options. First, you can install smart switches that can be controlled by an app. You can even dim the light. The second option is to install smart bulbs. You can easily automate the lighting with those bulbs. The first option is affordable but has complications when installing. The second option is more expensive but comes with more options. So it is up to you to choose between the two options.

Video Door Bells

Video doorbells not only alert you when someone comes at your door but also shows you the video of the person. You can communicate with the visitor through the intercom outside. This means more security and you do not have to go to the front door.

Robot Vacuums

A robot vacuum can be controlled via apps or speakers. You will be able to clean better and won’t have to do as much hard work as before.

Smart Kitchens

In spite of the fact that innovation has yet to supply us with a robot chef, these smart kitchen apparatuses make cleaning and cooking way too easy. You can connect your devices to speakers or apps.

Smart Refrigerators

Smart fridges vary in their capabilities. You will get alerts if you have left the door open, or the food items you have to purchase and some come with features where you can stream TV on the fridge. They even set the temperature accordingly. This is a great option to add to smart kitchens.

Smart Ovens

Smart Ovens permit you to control it from any place. There are indeed smart stoves that can be commanded through Alexa. A few apps moreover permit you to see recipes and line up the temperature and time required for them, but regularly you still have to press start. You can even set the time and the oven can even do the diagnostics for you. Your smart kitchens become smarter with this oven.

Smart Dishwashers

Smart dishwashers work on exceptionally similar apps. This can be because the manufacturers are the same. With these apps, you’ll be able to check the status of your wash, when it is done and stop and start the machine.

Smart Cabinets

One growing trend within the cabinet industry these days is using cabinets that don’t have to be opened with your hands. These sorts of cabinets are simple to function with as they tend to close and open on their own. They can open with a simple tap of your fingers or a nudge of a knee or elbow. The best thing is even if you have dirty hands you will be able to open them or if your hands are full. You can easily open a garbage cabinet without having to open it. You just need to touch the cabinet.

Smart Laundry

Laundry isn’t fundamentally a kitchen chore, but since these apps are the same for the past machines, it fits. The smart washers are a bit like the dishwasher. You’ll be able to start or stop or pause a load, check status, get a notice when the load is wrapped up and do all this with a click of your fingers.

Smart Dishes

You’ll be able to purchase smart plates, and forks that screen the intake of your calorie, and interface with an app to assist you to keep track of what you’re eating.

Smart Coffee Pot

You have to put on a coffee machine before it starts brewing. With a smart coffee pot, you just have to command the pot with the help of your phone. You can do that from wherever you want and whenever you want. To have this in smart kitchens will be a blessing for coffee lovers.

Smart Trash Cans

Most smart trash cans are just touch-free and have odour control. There is one smart can that incorporates a barcode scanner. As you throw your food away, you scan the barcode, and the trash can adds it to a grocery list on your smart device.


All of the above-mentioned things are the perfect example of making your home smart. You can add all these things to your home and sit back and let the things happen on their own. Your privacy and security are also maintained. Now you have knowledge about smart home so you can start making it smart.