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How to Create a Positive Environment for Employees

Now the ideal office environment for white-collar workers in the workplace is mostly the headquarters of well-known companies,because they are full of fun and vitality, the landscape everywhere, the bar where you can enjoy afternoon tea and light meals, and the art gallery-like meetings Room, high-grade height adjustable desk and ergonomic chair, intelligent technology system, etc. These life scenes that did not belong to the office, as a creative design, began to be frequently applied to the office space and were loved and longed for by employees in the workplace. These designs can create a positive working environment for people and make them feel happy at work, thereby improving work efficiency. Obviously, from Google to Amazon, from Coca-Cola to Facebook, although the industry and space styles are different, there is a trend that is increasingly obvious: people are more and more like “life” in office space, and the workspace is no longer It used to be cold.

What is a positive work environment that promotes employee motivation and efficiency?

Firstly, A healthy space

Health is more and more valued by working people. It is reported that in today’s society, as the main force of the workplace, the post-80s and post-90s generally pay attention to work-life balance and have a high level of health awareness. Therefore, they want to attract and retain young talents to meet the health needs of this group, it has become the primary driving force for companies to actively increase their health and infrastructure and create healthy, flexible and diversified office spaces. Studies have shown that nearly one-third of the companies surveyed have implemented workplace health programs, and another 30% said they will introduce workplace health programs. So, from what aspects should we consider this healthy space?

  1. Material safety

There are many kinds of office materials on the market, and special attention should be paid to the safety of the materials before the office decoration: the most important thing for wall paint is to see whether it is mildew-proof, alkali-proof, low VOC (volatile organic compounds), VOC is the decoration pollution Invisible killer, it is released in a large amount during the drying process of the interior wall paint. Even if the odor does not exist after ventilation, it will slowly distribute in the future, and the mixed existence and interaction of multiple VOCs are very harmful. Furniture selection should also pay attention to whether the material meets the standard. Most of the furniture is now made of artificial plates. The merchants add a lot of glue materials to make the plates stronger. The glue is the source of formaldehyde. Only the glue reaches the European E1 level or higher. The level is harmless to the human body.

  1. Variable height desk and comfortable chair

As you know, the friends who sit at the desk for a long time should have more or less occupational diseases: cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc, mouse hand, etc. If you can add some adjustable height desks in the office, or the ergonomic desk and chair, that can greatly reduce the physical damage caused by prolonged sitting. Studies have shown that using a standing desk for a few hours a day will make your mind more clear during work, increase blood flow, and help tighten muscles and reduce the incidence of frozen shoulder and cervical spondylosis. Of course, if you are not used to a standing desk, you can also consider starting with a sit stand desk (some called height adjustable desk or variable height desk), which will allow you to get used to this way of working slowly.standing desk office

  1. Office gym

People in the workplace are aware of their health problems, so they may sign up for fitness training or do simple exercise every week. But many people hardly have time to exercise after work. Sedentary exercise is one of the important reasons for sub-health. It is no longer a new thing to build a fitness space in the office. It even costs money to ask a fitness coach to teach employees to exercise properly. It is different to build a separate gym in the office. When you are tired or uncomfortable, you can run a few steps at any time to exercise and relieve the pressure. It is really a very comfortable thing, and it will also be used as company welfare. One attracts more talents to join the company together. The staff’s physical fitness has increased, and they will work more energetic. Isn’t this the best stealth investment for bosses?

Second, shape corporate culture

The traditional office space pattern is closed and hierarchical. People have long been tired of this office space, but are more interested in certain elements of uniquely designed environments. How to better integrate the corporate culture into the space design is an assessment-type problem that is most likely to be encountered during the decoration of the enterprise.

  1. Enterprise VI integration

Each company has its own LOGO. When decorating, the company can consider decorating according to the main color of the logo, keeping the overall consistency, simple and concise, and creating a good corporate image.

  1. Add some green plants

Alex Haslam, a professor at the University of Exeter, once conducted a study. In the office environment with background wall and green plant decoration, people’s work efficiency will be 18% higher than that in the ordinary office space with four white floors. Therefore, when decorating the office, you can consider that if the background wall or green plants, the effect will be very good.

  1. Create an open culture and atmosphere

Encouraging employees to develop friendships will have a positive impact on the working environment and listen to the voices of their employees. Not to give them what you think they want, but to ask them what they want. Regardless of age, race, gender, and other aspects of diversity. You can create opportunities to develop friendships. For example, you can arrange activities and outings, or encourage employees to meet in informal situations other than work to increase team cohesion. You can pay for lunch for a team (or group) at a top local restaurant.

Well, different companies have different cultures, if your company has been shaped to a certain extent (decoration has been finalized, do not want to move the office), but you also want to create a positive work environment for employees at a low cost, then you can consider the low-cost way is to buy comfortable office equipment, such as the one I mentioned above, height adjustable desk, comfortable chair, and even buy fitness equipment or buy fitness card for the employees. These are many details to create a positive working environment of course, in addition to these, there are many other ways, which need to be based on your ability and company characteristics.