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The Most Common Materials Used in Metal Fabrication

6 Materials Commonly Used in Metal Fabrication

metal fabrication materials

The procs of metal fabrication lead to the production of a wide range of products. Some metals are known to have great formability. It is essential to compare the several metals available before going for the best. Having high-quality metals in the fabrication process leads to the manufacture of the best products. The desired end products can determine the type of raw materials that can be used in the fabrication process. For instance, in cases where rust-proof products are required, the experts will ensure they go for fabrication materials that resist rust. Here are common metal fabrication materials:


The material is lightweight. It is ideal for different applications, such as the manufacture of refrigerators. The manufacturers will have to consider the temperature limits where the fabricated tools would be applied. The fabricated materials cannot work for applications where the temperature is expected to exceed 200 degrees Celsius. It is a material that is easy to work into different shapes. Areas where a high level of accuracy is required, make the materials very valuable in the industry.


It is known due to its great conductivity. The high level of malleability makes it preferable for certain types of metals. The material is also corrosion resistant making it preferable in cases where the end products should be corrosion resistant. Common applications of the materials during the fabrication process involve the marine environment. There are also industrial applications where electrical conductivity is required. Copper tends to be expensive, and it is applied in high-value fabrication processes.


It is the most common metal fabrication material available in the market. The application of steel leads to the manufacture of items with a high level of hardness. It also comes with high tensile steel strength that makes it preferable when people would like to achieve the highest level of durability. The wide applications of steel make it among highly sought-after materials that people would like to apply in the construction industry. It is also applicable in machinery and weapons manufacture.

Carbon Steel

Metal fabrication materials come with different properties. The carbon steel comes with a versatile design making it preferable in areas where durable products are required. It is durable and easy to work on. When choosing materials for the different fabrication processes, the experts consider the malleability of the products. The high-quality products made out of carbon steel have attracted the attention of many manufacturers. The high strength in carbon steel makes it preferable in many applications where the end products are required to achieve the highest level of durability. It is also effective in withstanding harsh weather.

Stainless Steel

There are some applications where fabricated tools are required to have the highest level of corrosion resistance. The application of stainless steel makes them preferable. The unique silver mirror coating on the materials makes it a great way to keep things running when working on high-strength materials. then it can be combined with other materials to achieve the highest level of durability or malleability. Stainless steel tends to retain its luster after working on it. It leads to the manufacture of high-quality components because of its corrosion resistance abilities. The materials are widely applied in the manufacturing industry.


The metal is known to have low density and high strength. It is applied in the manufacture of aircraft parts. It works well in making parts of vehicles that require low-density materials. Some of the metal fabricated materials are handles, latches, locks, and other types of hardware. Before the experts decide to utilize a given material in the fabrication process, they have to check out the qualities of the materials before they make an informed decision. Materials that meet the desired qualities can be passed through different processes to realize the required product specifications.

The above are the best metal fabrication materials that are widely applied in the industry. They have different properties making it essential for the experts to compare them and decide on the best that can ensure the best experience as they work on other fabrication processes. Fabricated components can work in a wide range of industries. They are fabricated to specifications so that they can meet different technical specifications.