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Most Popular Style Of Pant Racks For Closet

In the past people used to put trousers and jeans in the closet stacking area. In that case, their beloved clothing will stay in wrinkles and be out of shape after a long time. The Pants Racks or saying the Trousers Racks, emerged just as times require.

Trousers rack

With continuous development of social economy and further refinement of the functional wardrobe hardware industry, more and more stylish wardrobe pant racks are available in the market. The pant organizers keep people’s closet manageable and chaos free. On the other side, their functional structure as well as design styles greatly influence the practicality and overall outlook of the wardrobe.

According to fixing way, there are different pant hangers as the cabinet side-mounted, top-mounted, standing or rolling. They could be fixed or removable, single-row or dual-row, and wooden, plastic or steel in materials. As the racks are exceptional closet solution for the whole closet, people need consider the overall style and material of the closet before choosing the accessory.

Venace provides at least three innovative wardrobe pant rack solutions here for the customers.

♦ Spanish design wardrobe silver pants rack :

With the Taiwan imported drawer slides, there will be no trace of shaking when these pants rack slide out. Adding pants rods with oxidation treatment can be moved and removed to adjust when using. What’s more, the Aluminum frame is under spray silver oxidation treatment and has adjustable width of  up to 120mm. O-style rubber rings on the rods are additional for Anti-slip.

trouser rack

♦ Hawaii Design pants rack:

These very cool pants racks are made of heavy gauge stainless steel and features distinctive movable fingers for easy access and unparalleled convenience. With up to 210 mm adjustable frame width, the racks fit in many closet cabinets. And they gain trust of majority of our consumers with their simple but gorgeous outlook.

♦ Scotland design pants rack:

These pant racks are combined with innovative technology due to its complex production process. The nickel-plated removable racks and pant clips ensure strong practicality and can only be found in Venace. With Germany Hettich drawer slides, both smoothness and stability effect are possible. They have adjustable frame width of 100mm as well.

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