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Choosing Ash Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing Ash Kitchen Cabinets

ash kitchen cabinets


Ashwood comes with several characteristics. Before buying ash kitchen cabinets, check out the benefits and disadvantages associated with wood ash. Generally, wood ash has a great look. It reveals an original wood in the kitchen cabinets because it comes with dense grains that are unique. Some homeowners prefer achieving a certain look in their homes. They can go for wood ash, and it will be a great look. The even grain in wood ash makes it appear superior wood in some kitchen cabinets applications. It can be customized to achieve different forms of finish. Before buying wood ash kitchen cabinets, it is good to go the extra mile and check out the features available in the wood before buying.

What is ash kitchen cabinet?

They are kitchen cabinets made out of ash wood. The wood comes with features such as even grain. In homes where families would like to have even grain spread on the surfaces of the kitchen cabinets, they can go for the wood. The kitchen cabinets made out of wood ash can be customized to meet the needs of different homeowners. The finish brings about an original feel after application. The result after the use of wood ash leads to a contemporary look. Those interested in having a wooden finish in their kitchen cabinets find the ash wood very ideal in kitchen applications.

How can you tell if wood is ash?

There are several things to check out to know whether the materials used to make a given kitchen cabinet is wood ash or not. One of the features available on wood ash that makes it very reliable is its look; it brings about the aesthetic feel of having a genuine wood finish in the kitchen. Other features to check out are:

Dense grains

The grains available on the wood are dense. It forms dense wood grains that make it high quality when it comes to making fixtures that are supposed to reveal the highest level of wood finish. Many kitchen cabinet manufacturers prefer it because it leads to the perfect finish.

Good finishing

The wood ash materials assure carpenters the perfect finish. It leads to the creation of an attractive wood finish in the kitchen cabinets. Those interested in making high-quality wood finish inspired cabinets can rely on it. It is a highly durable wood that can be made into different intricate finishes.

High strength

The wood achieves great strength. If it is used in a kitchen set up where heavy items are placed on the kitchen cabinet, it will hold the weight. It can last long due to its high strength. The manufacturers of kitchen cabinets take into consideration the strength before buying. Ash kitchen cabinets are very strong. They work well in commercial kitchens and other areas where heavy items are handled.

High level of hardness

The surfaces are hard. After applying the materials in making different kitchen fixtures, it leads to a durable surface that is ideal for kitchen applications. The surfaces, when treated well, can serve different pursues in the kitchen. It is a desirable wood that can be applied in different kitchen setups to realize the best working experience when cooking.

Shock resistance

Sometimes items can fall on the kitchen cabinets. There will be no stress when the material used is wood ash. The ash kitchen cabinets are made to achieve the highest level of shock resistance. They will be used in different applications without the worry of coming out. The high-strength materials are very helpful in homes where many large items are handled in the kitchen. It can be transported easily due to its high strength.

Is ash wood better than oak?

There are several factors to consider before knowing whether wood ash is better than oak. First, the two materials may look similar, but they are two different trees with different characteristics. First, we will have to consider two main factors before deciding on the best wood to have in kitchen cabinets.

Oak is more moisture resistant

When it comes to moisture resistance, then oak is better than wood ash. Wood ash tends to attract moisture. It can easily get damaged if the cabinets are placed near sinks where they contact water. On the other hand, oak is a durable wood that can withstand different types of fungus infestation. Wood ash is also prone to beetle attacks. There is a tendency of oak to be superior in terms of durability when comparing wood ash.

Wood ash is pretty

When taking into consideration the aesthetic appeal, then wood ash is pretty. In kitchens where they pay more attention to the results, wood ash is a great option. The wood is durable, and it will make the cabinets look great. Going for high-quality wood ash will lead to the perfect finish that makes homeowners happy. Take into consideration the two factors to decide on the perfect wood for a given kitchen cabinet installation project.

What are the disadvantages of ash wood?

There are several issues people raise when using wood ash as kitchen cabinet materials. Some of the issues of concern when installing kitchen cabinets made out of wood ash are:

Not very durable

When it comes to durability, wood ash is not very durable. Homeowners who install it should be prepared to replace it after a few years. There are other types of wood that are more durable than it.

Perishable wood

The wood can be affected by moisture. In places where it comes into contact with water often, it can easily get degraded.

Not moisture resistant

It will not resist moisture. Other wood with a glossy finish tends to repel water, but it is different from the ash wood. It will attract water leading to more complications.

Prone to rotting

The issue of rotting is another big factor people consider when looking for kitchen cabinets. Wood ash is prone to rotting. It can easily rot and affect the quality of the kitchen cabinets.

Susceptible to beetles and fungus attack

There are reported cases where beetles have attacked the wood. It is not the perfect choice when installing wood cabinets in areas with high chances of getting beetles to attack wood.

Check out the above issues to decide whether ash kitchen cabinets are ideal for your home.