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China’s Hardware Products Industry Quality Management Current Situation and Research (Part 1)

Establish the awareness of high-quality development, and effectively change the development mode

Reform and opening up for more than 40 years, China’s hardware products industry has achieved sustained and rapid development, has established a relatively complete hardware products system, to meet the needs of people’s lives and economic and social development has made important work pay. However, it should also be seen that the industry in the rapid development of overweight there are obvious shortcomings and shortcomings. At present, the industry still exists long-term failure to effectively solve the outstanding problems are: low-end products overcapacity, with its own brand of high-end products supply is insufficient, product homogenization situation is serious, the quality of stability is not high. For domestic purposes only, in addition to range hoods, gas cookers by national brands occupy the high-end market, the high-end market of other hardware products, especially in the construction of industrial and technical facilities and other specialized areas, basically monopolized by internationally renowned brands. The main reason for this problem is: the industrial hardware attributes cognition is not comprehensive enough; quality awareness and management level are not strong; R&D design, innovation capacity and investment are not enough; production methods, equipment, process transformation and upgrading efforts are not enough; independent core technology and the lack of well-known brands; fundamentally, the lack of talent in all areas.

industrial hardwareThese problems, if not effectively addressed, will seriously limit the transformation and upgrading of the industry and high-quality development. Therefore, we must have the courage and determination to break the wrist and say goodbye to the previous way of development. The first is to update the concept, enhance the knowledge of the industry. China’s hardware products industry, both for consumers to provide daily necessities, but also for industrial and agricultural production, infrastructure construction and high-tech industries to provide special products. The unique industry attributes of the enterprise technology, products and service quality are very high requirements. The industry has developed from the traditional, simple labor-intensive to a comprehensive modern manufacturing industry with multiple varieties, wide application areas and high technical complexity. It is necessary to establish the concept of talent, quality, innovation and strong industry, innovation-driven, intelligent manufacturing, green development, the industry from the pursuit of quantity, speed to rely on improving the quality of the workforce and scientific and technological progress, high standards, high quality, high efficiency development model up.

The implementation of the strong foundation project, focus on making up for the shortcomings

China’s hardware products industry is a private enterprise as the main industry. Due to the late start, low starting point, the development speed, the enterprise infrastructure is generally weak, there are obvious shortcomings. At present, the backbone of the industrial hardware has basically completed the original accumulation of capital, into the development stage of doing better and stronger, leading enterprises generally continue to implement a strong foundation to supplement the shortcomings of the construction, greatly strengthening the comprehensive strength and competitiveness of enterprises. The whole industrial hardware industry should vigorously implement the strong foundation project and supplement the construction of short boards. Focus closely on key basic materials, core processing equipment, core basic components, advanced basic processes, industrial technology base and other aspects of increased investment, solid foundation, strengthen, accumulate core technology, the establishment of scientific research, technology development, design centers, improve the main body of enterprises, industry, academia, research and technology innovation system; to further strengthen the laboratory, testing center construction, sound quality control system. Further strengthen the new generation of information technology and traditional manufacturing technology deep integration, the implementation of automation, digitalization, intelligent production methods, improve the quality of online inspection and control and product quality traceability throughout the life cycle. Comprehensively improve production efficiency; further strengthen support for excellence and strength, support leading enterprises to further strengthen and expand, support backbone enterprises to take the road of specialized and special development, and cultivate numerous small giant enterprises and invisible champion enterprises in the industry.

industrial hardwarePlay a leading role in standards, in-depth implementation of the “increasing varieties, improving quality and brand-making ” strategy

Standards, quality and brand is an organic whole. Play the basic and leading role of standards, the in-depth implementation of the increasing varieties, improving quality and  brand-marking strategy, is the eternal theme of high-quality development of the industry. To make full use of the National Hardware Standardization Technical Committee (TC174) attached to the Association and the Association as the National Metal Catering and Cooking Utensils Standardization Technical Committee (TC410), the strong conditions to strengthen coordination and complementary advantages, the national standards, industry standards, group standards to repair the light work integrated planning, high quality and efficient, and constantly improve the standard system, for the industry products and Service quality improvement, support the need for consumer upgrading to play a greater role.

According to the needs of industrial hardware industry development, timely development of new standards, revise existing standards. Carry out comparative studies with the international advanced base standards, accelerate the transformation of international advanced and applicable standards, the establishment of technology patents, standards synergy mechanism, and promote the upgrading of standards. Encourage enterprises to guide the standardization activities, take the initiative to develop and implement advanced standards and publicly expressed. National Hardware Standardization Technical Committee and the subtechnical committees will strengthen the exchange and cooperation with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) counterparts and the revision of international standards to increase the discourse and dominance of China’s hardware manufacturing industry.

To carry out solidly on the basis of strict implementation of standards to increase variety, improve quality, create a brand name as the core of the quality improvement action plan. Around the supply-side structural reform, consumer upgrading and demand segmentation to increase variety. Focus on consumer pain points, consumer hotspots and key products to carry out quality surveys, quality analysis, find quality common problems and shortcomings, research and develop solutions to quality problems, and conduct quality improvement key technology research. Develop and apply reliability design, experiment and verification technologies, promote and popularize lean production and Six Sigma concepts and methods, and produce high-precision, high-reliability, high-durability and usable products. Around the promotion of entrepreneurship and craftsmanship, carrying and spreading advanced cultural concepts, creating value for users and consumers to provide services to create a brand, truly regard customers as God, integrity experience, cultivate brand recognition, reputation and loyalty.

The establishment of advanced industrial clusters, domestic and foreign markets at the same time

Industrial cluster development is a significant feature of the hardware industry. With the industry cluster local government, industry organizations, enterprises to carry out joint construction, but also the Association after years of exploration and practice concluded an effective way to serve and guide the development of the industry. At present, the overall momentum of the construction of industrial clusters is good, but there is also homogenization, low-level development of the problem. There is an urgent need to turn to upgrade, strengthen specialized division of labor and cooperation, improve the value chain, industry chain and supply chain, uphold the concept of symbiosis, sharing and win-win industry competition, establish and improve the R&D and design center, testing center, information center and training center in the cluster, and promote the synergistic development of the whole industry chain. Optimize the business environment so that entrepreneurs can start up and innovate with peace of mind and avoid the exodus of enterprises and the self-perpetuation of industrial clusters. At the same time, the impact of the international environment, especially the global economy is forecast to continue to decline in the situation, the export-oriented model is no longer sustainable, the industry must adjust the market strategy, domestic and foreign trade balance development. Due to the number of industrial hardware enterprises in China, large production capacity, has a certain comparative advantage and international competitiveness. Therefore, we must further consolidate and enhance the developed markets in Europe, America and Japan, and develop new markets, especially the market of countries along the “Belt and Road”. Constantly optimize the structure of export products, according to different markets to provide marketable products. Strong enterprises should implement the strategy of going out on the basis of in-depth market research, establish overseas production bases, sales channels and logistics distribution systems, build their own brands, climb up the value chain to the high end and gradually achieve internationalization.

As China’s economy continues to develop and people’s income grows steadily, purchasing power is increasing, domestic demand is expanding steadily, and the trend of consumer upgrading is obvious. The country has also introduced a series of policy measures from promoting consumption and building a strong domestic demand market. The industry should seize the rare opportunity to increase the development of the domestic market, improve the quality of products and services, and increase the competitiveness and share of the medium and high-end market. Advocate quality and price, and strive to change the impression of international and domestic consumers and users of China-made hardware products of low quality and low price. Actively expand the diversified sales channels, online and offline together. To establish a good industry order is also the concept of productivity, create and maintain a good industry ecology, do not play price war, do not infringe on intellectual property rights, strengthen self-discipline, honest business, fair competition, and work together to make the market cake bigger and promote high-quality sustainable development of the industry.