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Bathroom Cabinetry Trends 2021

The Latest Bathroom Cabinet Design Trends of 2021

How often do you find yourself looking in the mirror and not liking what you see? Have your thoughts about beauty changed over time? What are some of the trends that have emerged in recent years? Join us for a look at bathroom cabinetry trends 2021.

This post will explore how design has become more inclusive, with an increase in natural materials like wood or stone and environmentally conscious products. It may seem counterintuitive to make changes to your home when you’re trying to sell it, but there are many benefits to updating your kitchen cabinets. We’ll also take a look at some of the most popular styles for bathroom cabinetry 2021. Ready? Let’s get started!

2021 bathroom trends

Trend 1: Aluminum Cabinetry for the Bathroom

With its high-end and opulent looks, bathroom cabinets made of aluminum are an easy way to add a touch of class and elegance to any bathroom. The aluminum used in making these cabinets is not like that found in your car or house windows; instead, it is a specially treated alloy with many benefits. For starters, the material is scratch resistant – meaning no unsightly marks from toiletry items can be left behind on them. In addition, they do not rust even when exposed to moisture. Door handles come in different finishes, so you have plenty of choices at hand. The best part? There will be no need to spend hours polishing because they naturally acquire a high gloss look over time. As if all of these were not enough, aluminum is resistant to electromagnetic waves – so you can have your toiletries near the TV or radio with no fear of it getting damaged.

With its beautiful shine, durability and practicality, bathroom cabinets made out of aluminum are a great choice for any homeowner looking to renovate their bathrooms.

Trend 2: Wooden Bathroom Cabinets 2020-2021

Decorative wooden cabinets are an essential accessory in every modern bathroom. This medium has been used by craftsmen worldwide since centuries – making it a classic material for kitchens and bathrooms alike. These days, cabinet makers are using contemporary techniques to make even highly ornamental pieces that offer both style and function. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, these cabinets are highly durable. They do not stain when exposed to moisture and can also withstand damp conditions.

If you want a vintage look for your bathroom, then wooden cabinetry is a great choice; these cabinets will blend well with any tiles that you might decide to use on the walls and floor. The shapes and sizes available in such pieces vary from simple rectangular designs to the more decorative Shaker-style models with rounded edges and smooth surfaces. Another reason why most people prefer this material: it can be very easily repaired or restored if damaged due to accidents like breakages or water leakage.

Trend 3: The Minimalist Approach 2021-2022

Whether it’s the barebones feel or an uncluttered look that you are looking for 2021 bathroom trends provide ample space. Homeowners can choose from several styles available in this genre; for instance, if your requirement is to keep things simple and moveable, then opt for wall-hung cabinets. This type of cabinet means no permanent installation will be required, so you can simply take them off the wall when not in use. If your main objective is to make more room in your bathroom, consider adding freestanding cabinets with an under-mounted sink. These pieces offer additional storage capacity while freeing up much-needed real estate near the washbasin. Besides their practicality, they also make the bathroom look bigger with their open and airy designs.

With their no-nonsense look (no added details), minimalist cabinets are a hot favorite for people who prefer to keep things plain and simple.

Trend 4: The Rise of White Cabinets 2020-2021

Contemporary bathrooms now feature abundant white cabinetry – it is perhaps the most popular color choice for these pieces today (and has been so for the last couple of years). This may be because homeowners believe that darker hues might not be ideal for small spaces; alternatively, some may feel they give an unkempt or clutter appearance to clean interiors. Yet another reason why this color is preferred by many 2019-2020: its ability to complement pretty much every other hue and texture in the bathroom.

White cabinets can create a dramatic look with black or dark tiles; alternatively, they can offer a calm and serene look by pairing them up with pastel-colored walls and flooring. The possibilities of mixing and matching white cabinets are endless – you can also try that vintage or rustic look by adding wooden details to these pieces for an added touch of character.

Trend 5: Cabinets with LED lighting 2021-2022

LED lighting has become immensely popular in many other areas apart from electronics and appliances nowadays – bathroom cabinetry 2019 -2020 is no exception. While traditional light fixtures produce excessive heat while consuming high amounts of electricity, this type does not produce heat at all! In fact, LED lights use less electricity and generally last longer than other options; making them a smart choice for most homeowners today.

With LED lighting, you can easily create a mood setting ambience in your bathroom. These pieces also make the room look brighter and feel larger due to their unique design, which easily reflects light around corners. You can install these lights almost anywhere inside or outside cabinets; however, they may not provide enough illumination for practical use if the area is too dark. As per latest trends 2019-2020 – it’s best to choose LED lights that are fixed under the bottom of cabinets especially if you want to highlight that attractive feature on display.