how to clean a laundry basket (2)
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6 Essential Supplies for Dry Cleaning Services

6 Essential Supplies for Dry Cleaning Services

how to clean a laundry basket (2)

Before starting a dry cleaning business, you would need to think about all the items that you must have. Without these items, you would not be able to serve your customers in the best way possible. The customer is king in this business and you should always be focused on pleasing them as much as possible. Here are the essentials for a dry cleaning business:

Washing Machine

Perhaps, one of the most common materials you must purchase is a washing machine. It is obvious how each dry cleaning shops have several washing machines. It is for them to serve many customers at the same time. The place also looks great when you have many washing machines that are pretty much easy to operate by pressing a few buttons.

Ironing Board

This is where you will iron the clothes so that they will dry after dry cleaning them. There should definitely be an ironing station in your place so that the business would become successful and get lots of customers in the future. At Venace, we have ironing boards that you would feel pretty confident about using every single day due to the fact that they’re made out of premium materials. As a result, we guarantee they will last a long time which is why we provide a pretty long warranty. When you order from us, we will make sure you get what you need in a short amount of time. We guarantee the ironing station will look a lot better with our items in it.

Protective Gloves

It is evident you must prioritize your safety during the entire dry cleaning process. What better way to do this than by wearing protective gloves. Wearing protective gloves is one of those things that you must always do before starting the dry cleaning process. If not, you are risking a lot because it is possible plenty of germs would get into your hands. There is even the possibility that you could hold onto the item that has germs then put your hands into your eyes or hold food something that you’re planning on eating. It is no secret that will result into disaster.

Stain Removers

it is normal for the clothes to get lots of stains. Thus, you will need to remove them one way or the other. These stain removers are pretty easy to use and it won’ t be long before you won’t see the stain again. There are many types of stain removers so choose the one that applies to the type of stain that is on the piece of clothing. They even come in different forms so choose the one that you’re most comfortable with.

Cleaning Agents

These are the cleaning chemicals that are poured onto the clothes so that the dirt will be removed. There are many types of cleaning chemicals and you should decide which one would fit your situation the most. It is evident each one of them would serve a different kind of purpose for you and it won’t be long before you know it.


Without tags, you would never really know whose clothes you are washing. There will bound to be a mix-up of sorts so putting tags in each clothing material or each bag would be pretty important. You should let the customer fill up the important details so if the name is wrong then they can blame themselves for that. The tag would usually be attached to the garment after it is completely dry cleaned and ready to be picked up. The last thing you would want to happen is for customers to get the wrong set of clothes.

Now that you know the essential supplies for a company that provides dry cleaning services, you can rest assure ordering from a renowned supplier like Venace is the way to go. You would want to deliver nice results to your customers so that they would come back and avail of your services again in the future. Our products are designed to give your customers ultimate customer satisfaction. In fact, it won’t be long before you would notice them having smiles on their faces when they find out that their clothes smell really good.