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10 tips to Sneak in MORE Storage in Every Room

10 tips to Sneak in MORE Storage in Every Room

Kitchen Storage 4 E1625197522400


In this modern day and time, we want our house to be full of our necessities and wants. We want to have all our luxury items at home. However, as much as we wanted to stuff everything in our home, storage is always the problem. We obtain so much stuff that we don’t know where to put it or where to sneak it in. And when this happens, every part of our house gets messy.

Small storage or small space leads to lesser items or overstuffed rooms. This is a common problem with houses that has small room areas. An example would be in the kitchen area, the kitchen would be chaotic if the area is not fully maximized. Maximization of room areas could be done through additional kitchen cabinets both on the upper and the lower side, dish cabinets, and any other related storage additions. But many other storage tips are recommended by experts which will be tackled below.

10 tips to Sneak in MORE Storage in Every Room

1 Wall cabinets or upper cabinets

Aside from the cabinets that are customized or built to stand on the ground, it is also important to maximize the upper space of any room. Wall cabinets or upper cabinets are one of the best solutions to add more storage in any room. As mentioned earlier, this is very ideal for the kitchen area but this can also be great for bedrooms and bathrooms. It is very common or somehow required that we have cabinets in our bedrooms. This is because this is where we put our set of clothes.

2 Shelves

In contrast to the cabinets, you may also use shelves that can display your items. You can store some of your valuables or feature your best items on the shelves. This method is commonly used in the living room wherein valuables such as awards, trophies, and family pictures are displayed. This is also a great storage option where you can put technologies like your wired telephone, internet modem, DVD, and others. Experts also suggest that to further maximize your storage options you should surround your windows with either cabinets or shelves.

3 Upper kitchen cabinet hangers

In addition to kitchen cabinets, you may also maximize the use of upper kitchen cabinets with hangers. Professionals suggest that hangers can be customized or installed under the top kitchen cabinets. Most designs are used for wine glass storage and kitchen utensils. Mugs and cups are also good to store in the hangers as they will dry naturally. Kitchen rugs may also be hung on those hangers so that they will dry well and not smell.

4 Storage under the bed

Most beds usually don’t have secure or built-in storage under the bed. However, as furniture innovations are introduced, bed storage is one of the best ideas for getting more space. These storage areas are ideal for items that consume big spaces such as bed sheets, blankets, and comforters. Experts suggest you should not store old stuff that brings memories on the bed storage as it can provide negative energy. Bed storage is also good for keeping footwear such as shoes, sandals, and slippers to keep the bedroom area neat.

5 Desk riser

Your work table should always be neat so that you could work excellently. However, for jobs that need papers, magazines, and books, your table may get messy. A good thing to have for your work table is a desk riser. A desk riser is like a shelf that stands on the table and gives a layer of storage. This is ideal for elevating desktops or laptops to provide a sufficient amount of space below.

6 Hanging cloth storage

Hanging cloth storage is a good way to have a neat and organized area. Some types of this storage have many pockets wherein you can put small stuff. One of the best locations to put this is on the refrigerator. This is because we have much small stuff in the kitchen like kitchen tools. But this is also excellent for behind the doors wherein you could put chargers, pens, and other small stuff.

7 Side tables with storage

Side tables with storage are excellent for sneaking in more storage. In the living room, the bottom of the side tables could be used for storing magazines, books, and notebooks while the top could be used for placing phones or flower vases. These side tables could also be used beside the bed where you could place a lamp on top and below are valuables. Bedside tables are usually with many storage cabinets and drawer options. Professionals suggest that bedroom side tables should be picked with tall and lean attributes rather than wide. On the other hand, living room side tables are usually designed with open storage so that the magazines are displayed for the guests.

8 Shower shelves for the bathroom

When we take a bath, we use many products such as soap, shampoo, and conditioners. Some people only put their bathroom essentials on the top of the toilet bowl for easier access. But this stuff tends to get messy when no shower shelves are installed. With shower shelves, bathroom essentials are placed neatly and well organized. These shelves also help the bathroom look great and clean.

9 wall mounted ironing board

Getting ironed and neatly folded clothes are important to get an excellent appearance. However, most ironing boards consume space that isn’t storage-wise. On the other hand, technological advancements have given us wall mounted ironing boards which fold the ironing boards so it consumes less space. This innovation is really good because it gives us less concern about where to put the ironing board. One of the greatest ironing boards is the Venace wall mounted ironing board.


10 Built-in cabinets or shelves under the stairs

One of the most popular innovations nowadays is the cabinets or shelves under the stairs. For homes with stairs, instead of stuffing items under the stairs, it is better to put cabinets or shelves. This has been a recent trend wherein stairs can be used for additional storage. As it is located in the living room, you may place your achievements and awards there. Flowers are also a great idea to store in cabinets under the stairs.