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What Is A Butt Hinge

What Is A Butt Hinge


A butt hinge refers to the hinge responsible for fixing the door jamb’s abutting surfaces and the door. They are recessed and mortised on both surfaces. They boast dual rectangular leaves along with screws that are known to attach to the surfaces’ hinge. It is possible to join them with the aid of the hinge pin.

These items are regarded as an indispensable part of the doorways. They stand out of the ordinary in offering the right stability and support. In addition, they ensure that it remains intact once we open and close the same. Thus, they can open outwards and inwards, thereby facilitating smoother operation. If you want to know what is a butt hinge, please read this article.

Parts of the hinge

The different parts of the hinge include the pin, knuckle, leaf, and sleeves. The leaf is considered the flat part that gets screwed to the door and the frame. The middle part is known as the knuckle, which acts as the meeting end of leaves.

It assures smoother and hassle-free movement for the doorways. In addition, the pin is considered to be a primary part that is known to slide within the knuckle. The sleeves act as circular pieces, which will make the knuckle.

What is a butt hinge?

They are regarded as the most common kind of door hinge which are installed in homes. They are recognized as simple devices that use two different leaves, which remain supported through the joint at the middle part. These products have become the number one choice for people who are looking for an excellent addition to enhance the visual contrast to the door opening.

You can use them for a wide assortment of commercial and domestic apps. The domestic butt hinges are meant for the doors, between 11/4-13/4 inches. On the other hand, the commercial ones are ideal for doors, which are more than 13/4 inches thick.


One of the primary benefits of these products is that they can bear heavyweight. They are made of ball bearings in place of a central pin. In addition, they are an optimum choice for security, where you cannot remove the pin once it is exposed to the outer part.

Besides this, it is possible to design other kinds of the secured hinges to access none of the parts from outside. Moreover, you should make sure to manufacture such kind of hinges for raising the door. They are meant for self-closing since the door’s weight drops within the hinge’s resting area. They are regarded as the optimal solution as the door clears the carpet once it is closed and opened.


There are different butt hinges, including the ball bearing, plain bearing, rising, and spring-loaded. The plain bearing ones are regarded as the standard option for the interior doors. They are believed to be an optimum alternative for the doorways that are not excessively bulky or not in much use.

People love the ball-bearing hinges for high durability. They have become the number one choice of people owing to the smooth operation. Hence, they are believed to be the perfect option for the entry doorways used on an extensive scale.

Also referred to as self-closing, the spring-loaded ones are equipped with the spring, which are responsible for closing the door automatically. It will help if you utilize them on the cabinets and the screen doors. The Rising butt hinges feature a unique style. They are used when the doors fail to clear the uneven and thick flooring material once they are opened.


You can avail of these products in the market in a plethora of materials and finishes, such as stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, to name a few. Specific applications are available for these items in a wide assortment of industries. They are composed of stainless steel materials.

The best thing about them is that they provide the excellent choice to withstand various harsh environmental conditions. You can view them in a plethora of apps, such as box lids, fire doors, exterior and interior doors, cabinets, to name a few.

The butt hinges are loved by people owing to the high durability and affordability. Furthermore, they offer additional holding power and better rusting power. In addition, they stand second to none in adding a style quotient to your home. Finally, since they can accommodate the extra weight, they are the perfect alternative for entry doorways.