Knowledge Is Power


Trademarks and brands

Venace has applied for its registered trademarks in China, the United States and the European Union.

High-tech qualification

Qualifications and honors won by the company include: Guangzhou Small Giant Enterprise of Science and Technology Innovation in 2015, high-tech enterprise qualification in 2019, and certification of high-tech products Such as intelligent height adjustable desk.

Adhere to scientific and technological innovation

With innovation as the driving force, In keeping with the idea that “a quality life is not necessarily expensive”, we have always advocated “to seek out a style and character that matches our own” rather than compare or follow blindly. Instead of blindly catering to the market, we spend our R & D funds on product quality improvement and cost reduction, thus bringing real benefits to our customers.

Our R & D principles:

  1. Understand and meet the basic demands of customers and provide possible further services;
  2. Conduct exploration of materials and production processes with regard to quality and cost;
  3. Invite customers to be involved in R & D to obtain a more accurate grasp of market demand;

Take into account the development trend of future society.
As of July 2020, the company has a total of 148 patents, including 54 invention patents.