Employee Value

Staff value

The complexity of human nature lies in their pursuit of sentiment apart from selfish desires. Even the most selfish people have the instinct to “care for other lives and concern the well-being of others”. People establish a network of interconnected social relations, and introduce morality and virtue to maintain its stability and promote social development.

It is human empathy and compassion that sets them apart from animals. With mutual assistance and dedication, the human society under the constraint of social morality survives to this day under harsh living conditions.

The same is true of companies, which are composed by people from different regions and backgrounds. How do you get them to volunteer as much for the company as they do for their families? The answer is a concern for their fate and a reward for their worth. This forms a critical part of the values of Venace.

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Staff wellness care

Venace’s staff wellness care program emphasizes physical and mental health and positivity, which ensures that employees are fully engaged in their work.

  1. Promote a corporate culture of equality, respect and cooperation to provide respect to employees;
  2. Offer annual checkups to remind employees to take their health seriously.

Staff growth care

  1. Conduct regular staff training to improve their abilities;
  2. Develop humanized evaluation and reward mechanism to encourage dedication and cooperation;
  3. Set up open promotion mechanisms to encourage those with ability to assume greater responsibility

Value return

There is nothing wrong with employees expecting recognition after they have made a contribution to the enterprise, which shall be great encouragement to them. The company’s recognition and encouragement are reflected in honor recognition and material rewards. “To punish evil and promote good, to distinguish glory from shame” are universal values in all societies. Our commitment to providing value return to employees is to promote the goodness of human nature and to share the fruits of the company’s development with employees in both the short and long term.

  1. Current awards. Top employees and managers are selected annually to give appreciation and recognition for their performance in that year.
  2. Long term rewards. The ESOP is implemented to include employees who have made outstanding contributions based on recognition of the company’s values to share the fruits of the company’s development
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