3 Stage Height Adjustable Desk

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Product Description

Electric Dual-Motor 3-Stage Height Adjustable Desk, Rectangular Tube Legs without Side Holes – OKIN


  • Dual motor lift machanism provides a smoother height adjustments from 23-3/5”-49-1/5”, being easily operated and motorized to sit or stand while working;
  • 3-stage Legs are in rectangualr shape with no side holes, which are thicker and enjoy better stablization;
  • Very stable and whisper quiet; Silent operation and help maintain a peaceful workspace;
  • LED backlight control panel constantly displays the height of desktop.
  • Programmable digital memory with 4 height settings by managing the button on the controller;
  • Metal structural parts are made of high quality cold-rolled sheet metal;
  • Table bases are equipped with direction adjustment pads which appress the floor, making the table stable.
  • Control box adopts advanced technology switch power supply which is more energy-saving and environmental friendly; The voltage is universal;
  • Help prevent obesity, lumber vertebra, back pain and so on to maintain a heathier work conditions.
Brand VENACE V # of Telescopic Stages Three-stage
Motor Dual-Motor Side hole No
Leg Orientation Rectangular Size of Exterior Column(inch/mm) 3-1/6’’*2’’


Material Steel

(Material Code:RAL)

Input Voltage 24 V DC-29 V DC
Column height range(inch/mm) 23-3/5’’-49-1/5’’


Max speed 1.38’’/s


Protection class Protection degree IP20
Farben RAL 9016 (White)/

RAL 9005 (Black)/

RAL 9006 (Grey)

Voice Level <50dB
Permitted Push Force(lb/kg) 157lb


Stroke 650mm
Operate temperature + 10 °C – + 40 °C Relative humidity From 30% to 70%

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What are Specifications of an Adjustable Desk?

An Adjustable Desk is driven by motors installed in the lifting columns. It is usually designed with single motor or dual motors, it is involved with an upgrade of the adjustable table. Venace’s products use mostly dual-motor design which is safer for users and enjoy a stronger sturdiness as well as a smoother lifting process.

As for the table legs, there are options for 2-stage  or 3-stage. Also, the legs can be in square or rectangular shapes according to customers’ preferences. Besides, there is one point that is not known for so many users, that is the side holes in the columns. A table leg may be with or without side holes. It is also one of the upgrades of the old version of adjustable desks. A desk without side holes may seem like to have a better-looking while a desk with side holes may enjoy a lighter weight.

An Adjustable Table is controlled by a control box, the LED backlight control panel constantly displays the height of the desktop. Also, it has a function of programmable digital memory with 4 height settings by only managing the button on the controller. It is convenient for users to adjust the heights of sitting or standing they usually use.