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How to Keep Your Desk Clean and Organized

How to Keep Your Desk Clean and Organized?

Nobody finds it comfortable to work on chaotic desks. Unlike them, clean and tidy workstations rejuvenate our energy and motivate us to focus on and work efficiently

Believe it or not but, the untidy, chaotic desks at work have always been a major distraction in performing optimally. They are known to affect our productivity the most. If you are aiming to raise your work efficiency bar, start to keep your desk tidy.

With your office desk being a mess, you might struggle to find important things immediately. It might make it hard for you to maintain your focus or process information quickly, eventually leading to declining productivity at work.   

keep your desk tidy

An attempt to keep your desk tidy can help you perform optimally at work. A messy desk is not too big of a problem for office personnel who are blessed with large and spacious workstations. But for the employees who hardly get a standard-sized desk, it is quite essential to keep the desk clean and organized.  

Fortunately, the task to keep your desk tidy isn’t as hard as you think. It is just a matter of few smart moves and the flood of useless things on your desk finds its rightful place and you get a clean, tidy, and well-organized desk. Here are some tips that might help you to keep your desk tidy and organized.


  1. Keep essential supplies close by: Why waste time getting up to find things that you use regularly. Ensure that you have all the essential supplies nearby. Stacked trays or pen stands could help you keep stationaries close to you. 
  2. Keep only what you need on the table: The biggest reason behind a disorganized desk is the useless things kept on the table. Take some time to remove unnecessary things from your desk. Keep only the files, documents, folders/binders that you need.  
  3. Avoid cable clutter: The tens of cable wires on your desk can make your already messed-up desk even messier. Use cable ties or cable trays to declutter the cables on your workstation and keep your table tidy.
  4. Locate a trashcan near your desk: Playing paper toss with a trashcan kept miles away makes no sense. Keep a trashcan close enough to be reached from your chair.  
  5. Consider Monitor arm: The monitor arm is a great workstation accessory to keep your desk tidy and organized while leaving some additional space. When affixed to a monitor arm, the space occupied by your screen is all yours to store your office supplies.
  6. Avoid unnecessary paper incoming: Why get every little thing printed on a hard copy when a soft copy is equally functional. The unnecessary paper incoming creates a big mess on your desk. 
  7. Use trays: Keep your USB drives, charging cables, paper clips, etc in a dedicated tray to avoid clutter on your table. You can use stacked trays to hold your binders/file folders too. 
  8. Don’t procrastinate cleaning the desk for the new day: Never, I repeat never leave your desk disorganized before you leave it. It will hardly take a couple of minutes of organizing it for the next day. Do it now.