how to iron without ironing board

Laundry Skill – Iron Without an Ironing Board

Is daily laundry ironing session an endless struggle?

An ironing board is a kind of necessity for a successful cloth ironing. But not everyone out there has one at home or, the one they have is damaged/broken. This mandates the need to know how to iron without an ironing board.

A home furnished with every requisite piece of furniture is a rarity. It is because spacious living is something not everyone can afford. People cannot add every other thing into their personal space just because they want it. For even small furniture like an ironing board, people struggle to find enough space. This requires them to iron without ironing board.

But not everyone knows how to iron without an ironing board. Luckily, there are several ways to do laundry iron without ironing board. We have listed below some much-needed alternatives to ironing boards. These can help you do successful cloth iron without ironing board.

  1. Firm Surface: An Ideal Alternative to Iron Without Ironing BoardHow To Iron Without Ironing Board

The lack of an ironing board must have made you wonder about how to iron without an ironing board more than once. Firm surfaces in your home can be an ideal alternative to an ironing board. However, keep in mind to never iron your clothes directly on a firm surface. You would not want to see the damages it would do to your precious clothes. Spread a thick towel or blanket as heat buffer on the whatsoever form surface you intend to use.

For every person who is worried about how to iron without an ironing board, the following could be your resort as a substitute to an ironing board.

  • Floor: Floor made with store, wood or the one covered with carpet would be great. Remind yourself to not let the hot iron touch the floor while ironing. It might stain your clothes.
  • Table: Ironing sessions on the table are as good as one on the ironing board. All you need is to spread a clean towel or blanket on the table, flatten your cloth and start ironing. Avoid using glass tables. Wooden tables are a great replacement to iron without ironing boards. 
  • Countertop/platform: It may sound unbelievable but, the countertops in your kitchen and bathrooms are good enough to deal with ironing heat. In the unavailability of ironing boards, you can always use them to make your dresses crease-free.
  • Beds: Your bed might not be as firm and rigid as the floor or a table but, it can always pass as a good base to iron clothes. Ironing on the bed wouldn’t give you the perfectly starched but, it is better than non-ironed at all. 
  1. Clothes Steamer: A Laundry Hack Must Consideration

Yet another alternative against how to iron with an ironing board is a cloth steamer. Just grab your cloth steamer, get the correct setting and run the same throughout the cloth to remove crease and wrinkles.

  1. Flat Iron

Your hair straightener is just as good an option to reduce wrinkles on your cloth. A flat iron can straighten your cuffs, collars, and areas around the button almost instantly.

  1. Washing Machines

The unavailability of an ironing board shall never stop you from ironing your clothes. You can use the top of the washing machine (washer/dryer). Using magnetic ironing mats would prevent the chances of accidental issues. You can use a thick towel too.