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How to Install an In-Wall Ironing Board?

How to Install an In-Wall Ironing Board?

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Due to how much you would want to preserve space in your place, an in wall ironing board would be such a great addition to your place. The next task would be to find out where you would possibly get to install this thing. One popular place would be the laundry area so that it won’t be far off from the washing machine. Besides, when you are done with washing your clothes, you now know what must be up next. Make sure the spot on your wall where you would put it would be a spot that is actually near an electrical outlet so that is where you will connect the iron. It should not also hit any cabinets the moment it springs open. Remember that the in-wall ironing board is like inside a cabinet and here is how to install it:

Gather Materials

You will need a drill, pencil, measuring tape, and a screwdriver. It is no secret it would be a lot better when you enlist the help of another person so that this task would be accomplished a lot faster than you originally thought. Believe it or not, it would actually be safer to buy plenty of what you need in case you need more of them. It may not be for the situation that you are in right now but it could be for the future.

Measure Distance Between the Frame

This is the point where you will put the board and you should make sure that you select a good spot for it.

Mark the Holes

Use the pencil and mark the holes because that is where you will put the frame of the in-wall ironing board. Be sure to mark it in a way that it is really seen. You can’t really read it if you don’t use a marker that is strong enough for the spots that you will drill on.

Drill the Holes

At first, you will get a bit nervous when it comes to doing this stuff but when you get used to it, it is actually not that hard to begin with. When you finally get to accomplish this stuff, you are now one step closer to achieving the ultimate goal. Once you insert plastic dowels into them, you know you marked a good spot that will end up lifting the ironing board.

Align the Cabinet to the Holes

This is where you will need the help of the other person that you recruited. He will hold the cabinet while you align it to the holes. In fact, both of you can be holding it at the same time so that it will be perfectly aligned.

Connect Screws

Use the screwdriver to connect the screws to the holes once you make sure that your ironing board would hold enough there. In order to make sure that you have installed the ironing board properly, you can apply a lot of pressure to it. If it is not that put in for you then you can tighten the screws even more by moving it in a clockwise direction. Be sure to check for any loose screws that are quite normal when you were in a hurry to do it. As a matter of fact, that can actually happen quite often when you use the ironing board quite often.

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