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How to choose drawer slides for your project

How To Choose Drawer Slides For Your Project

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Choosing a handily manageable drawer slide according to your particular usage is essential. For the office, kitchen, garage, bedroom, shop, workplace or any other project, the right type of slide makes the usage much more effortless.

Various types of drawer slide alternatives and categories are available. You can select the right one by correlating them with your usage and requirements.

Types of Mounting features

Different Mounting slides provide different looks and aesthetics. This hardware is typically seen when a drawer opens so choose a slide mounting that enables you to make your furniture look sophisticated and polished. Also, the load-bearing ability and space to mount are considered for any mounting option.

Side mount feature

Side mounts are fitted on the sides of the drawers. That is attached to the interior of the cupboard sides. These types of Mounts are visible from the sides of the drawer while opening. Painting them like the drawer colour can make them less visible. To fit this mounting on both sides of the drawer some space is needed. This generally requires � inch space on the sides.

Bottom-mount feature

Under-mount slides are fitted on the bottom of the drawers on both sides. This is not visible from the outside. This type of mounting can provide a clean look and is adjustable. Generally, � inch drawer’s bottom space is needed to install them. The measurement of the slide requires it to match the drawer length. This can be installed on a frameless cabinet or furniture.

Center mount feature

Centre mounts are similar to under-mount. But this type came in one piece that is attached to the centre of the drawer. That is attached to the interior panel. This type of mounting is not noticeable from the exterior. Some clearance space is needed depending on the thickness of the slides. Easy to install but hampers the usage of the weight and height.

Groove mount feature

These types of mounts are not generally found in US furniture. These are placed on the sides of the cabinet. These are mostly used in places where no space is left. They are not much load bearing.

Types of Extension features

The slide extension can be different as per your usage. This feature you should take into consideration before installing the slides. The Drawer slide length can be determined by the usage of the drawer.� extension

This type of extension is mostly used for bedside tables or office cabinets. This only extended to � length of the drawer and the ¼ part doesn’t come out. They are very useful and installed in places where the entire length is not required.

Full extension

In Kitchens people mostly choose full-length extensions to access the full drawer. If you want to access the space entirely then this is a useful option.

Over travel

These types of drawers extend more than full extension one. It almost hangs the drawers from its end so the full drawer comes out and is accessible. These are also commonly used in Kitchen so the drawer is not blocked by the countertop. This is very useful for accessing things effortlessly.

Types of Movement functions

Movement or motion features are added to make it look and feel more comfortable. Various features can be added to give more individuality to a room.

Soft close

This feature slows down the drawers when closed. The drawer doesn’t slam and closes down softly on the cabinet. Less noisy and effortless features.

Self Close

This one is closed by pressing it from the outside inward. This slams the drawers quite roughly so no fragile things can be placed in these places. Can be utilised in kitchens without any complication.

Touch open or push to open

These are accessed by slightly pushing or pressing the drawer inwards. These types of closing don’t need a drawer knob or handle. This feature Looks so modern and aesthetic that can be added to any bathroom or Kitchen cabinet. For a more minimalist and sleek design, this feature is best.

Shock Absorption

This feature fulfils to survive any damage by sitting the drawer harshly or roughly. Minimise noise and a very useful feature to have.


This feature locks the drawers from coming out. Good to use in areas or rooms where safety is needed.Good for kitchens and children rooms.


Before installing or buying the hardware the movement and clearance space should be accurately measured. Slides have different measurements and to choose the best fit the cabinet depth and wideness is measured. Building the drawer by thinking about the clearance space is important. Most side or bottom slides need clearance for � inch. So make the cabinets leaving space behind, sides or on the bottom according to what type of hardware you are going to install.Colours

Mostly this hardware comes in metallic Silver colours and zinc colour finishing. They can be easily visible if installed on the sides. Some people choose to use black, white or wood finishing colours to match their furniture aesthetic. To create a unique or authentic look choose the hardware colour best fitted to the furniture.Some more useful characteristicsBall bearing

The ball bearing element contributes to give strength and heavy load bearing qualities. They are stronger than most of the slide options. These are built with stainless steel and are a very stable alternative. So if you are looking for a tough slide choose the ball bearings features.

Heavy Duty

Heavy duty means that these can bear more load than normal home usage cabinets. Mostly used in industrial places so that heavy metal tools or equipment can be stored easily. For toolbar drawers, garage and machinery storing this feature are helpful.Any project you choose, the features of the cabinets are a vital part that plays a huge role in your daily life. using and accessing things easily and effortlessly these features are most needed in every household or workplace. Choose the right type of accessory according to the placement and usage.