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Clip-on Soft-close Hinge With 3D Adjusrment (Two-way Small Angle)

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Opening angle 105° Hinge cup diameter Φ 1-3/8” (35mm)
Hinge cup depth 1/2”(11.5mm) Door(K) dimension 1/8” – 9/32” (3-7mm)
Optional door thickness 9/16” – 7/8” (14-22mm)
Material Hinge cup: Iron with nickel plating Hinge arm: Iron with nickel plating Hinge plate: Iron with nickel plating
Overlay Full overlayImage 1 Half overlayImage 2 InsetImage 3


● 3D adjustment – allow up & down / in & out / side to side adjustment without unloading the door
● Soft close – ensure smooth opening and closing
● Collision proof – 48 hours salt-pray test


Advantages & Benefits

● Long-lasting quality
● Easy to install and adjust
● Customized fit
● Reduced noise


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