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Creative Ways to Use a Laundry Basket and A Giveaway

Creative Ways to Use a Laundry Basket and A Giveaway

Are you looking for a way to spice up your laundry basket? Whether you have an old or new one, there are endless possibilities on what you can do with it.

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Laundry basket bookshelf

Insert a bookend at each side of the basket and place books inside for a unique way to display them. You can stack either hardcover books or paperbacks in the basket as long as they line up properly and don’t touch the sides. This would be perfect beside a small work space near your bedside table.

Laundry basket organizer

Make use of wide-mouthed baskets by placing smaller ones inside. Ensure that the size of both baskets match so that fit perfectly from within and without. Use this to store your magazines, bedside table knickknacks, or accessories such as necklaces and watches. This is also a good way to organize your personal things when you travel.

Laundry basket ottoman

Use a big laundry basket on wheels and place it upside down on the ground. Place cushions inside and use it as an extra seat in your home or even outside during picnics and get-togethers with family and friends. You can line the bottom of the basket with fabric before inserting them for added comfort.

Laundry basket water tank cover

Cover old broken water tanks that are unused by wrapping them in sacks then placing them over baskets of matching size. Place them on top of each other, ensuring that the opening of the upper one is covered by the lower one. This way, you can use it as a storage for your gardening tools while at the same time protecting them from dust or any other dirt particles in your shed or garage.

Laundry basket recycler

Wet clothing is usually kept inside baskets to prevent it from spreading all over the place during washing. Turn this into an advantage by keeping moist clothes inside when drying then placing them on hangers before storing them away. You can also use this to separate clean clothes from dirty ones while packing for trips and vacations.

Laundry basket hamper

Roll up any clothing that are wrinkled and place them in a laundry basket on wheels just like how you would with paper towels. This way, they will remain wrinkle-free and won’t add undesired creases on your garments while being stored or packed up.

Laundry basket shoe rack

Keep all your shoes in one place by placing a laundry basket with an opening at the bottom on top of another. Line them up from largest to smallest for easy identification of each pair. It is also a good idea to separate your footwear according to their intended use after storing them. This way, it would be easier to find what you are looking for when getting ready for work or going out on the weekends.

Laundry basket hook

Place hooks at the bottom of a laundry basket on wheels, attach it to your wall, and then use bungee cords or cinch straps to suspend it. This is perfect for hanging towels, washcloths, bathrobes, and hand towels in your bathroom while preventing them from falling off the shelf on their own.

Laundry basket lampshade

Ensure that laundry baskets are large enough to cover an electric bulb before cutting out holes at the sides on which you will place lamp hooks. This can be done by measuring the size of your desired shade against an electric bulb then adding 1 inch more length and width for wiggle room. Decorate this with fabric or wallpaper as much as desired. You can insert dimmer switch if you are planning to use it as a lighting fixture.

Laundry basket storage bag

Remove the inner plastic liner from your laundry basket and set up some plywood or sturdy cardboard over its curved edges. This way, you can cut out holes on each ply and tie them together with rope or twine so that they form a large space for storing more items inside. Gasoline tanks, tools, and other bulky objects can be stored securely inside this kind of contraption as well as furniture such as cabinets and shelves as long as they are lightweight enough. You can also prevent dust from collecting by spraying water on them before placing them away in storage.