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Cabinetry Terms

Cabinetry Terms

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Many people believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home. With meals prepared and cooked, it is an actual nest of love. Whether it is hot meals, baked goodies, desserts, and beverages – the kitchen is central to the processes involved to have them served. It is an essential part that needs to be showered with utmost attention in terms of cleanliness, aesthetics, and organization. But what if the cooking essentials, utensils, equipment, and the keepers and containers create chaos. This situation calls forth the use of kitchen cabinets like slow-close cabinets will prove helpful

Kinds of Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re on the lookout for a kitchen cabinet that will suit your budget and aesthetic judgment, there are various types from which you can choose. It depends on which part of the kitchen you are going to put them. Browsing through the galleries of home decor websites and even walking through home decor showrooms will expose you to myriads of choices.

Decorative Kitchen Cabinets

Aside from being the melting pot of sumptuous dishes and meals, the kitchen also needs to be where great design and functionality meet. With this, you can opt for decorative types of cabinets, such as slow close cabinets.

One type is kitchen countertop storage. The countertop, being one of the high-traffic spots, deserves the best organization it can get. Efficiency and ease of movement will be yours to reap. Built-in countertop cabinets provide storage for most cooking equipment and utensils. But you can provide additional storage to these spaces using storage racks, sliders, and pullouts.

Wall-mounted cabinets

The kitchen wall can prove to be the most valuable space in the area. Several built-in cabinets are installed to provide storage spaces, particularly for tablewares and glasswares. The use of pulldowns gives easier and faster access to these while located in a high area. It thus eliminates elevated platforms or ladders to reach the storage and get the items you need.

Corner storage

The kitchen corner need not be dull and empty. It can also transform into a storage area where some knick-knacks and cooking peripherals are kept. This area can host a self-close cabinet utilizing unique kitchen storage baskets like the lazy susan cabinet organizer. Pullout organizers can also serve additional storage functions in this spot of the kitchen.

Under the kitchen sink cabinets

Similar to the sink area of the bathroom, the kitchen sink can be one of the under-utilized spaces of the house. The obstructions brought by the pipes connected to the sink contribute to its underutilization. But with an under-the-sink kitchen cabinet, you can transform this space into one that serves to declutter and organizing functions. Pullouts and sliders can be beneficial to get the added storage area.

Difference between soft close vs self close cabinets

Regardless of the type of cabinet to install, you can choose between a self-close or a slow-close kind. The difference lies in the hinges used on the cabinet doors.

Self-close cabinets use a type of hinge with a spring built to them. It acts as the mechanism to take over and pull the cabinet door, closing it with a tap.

Slow close cabinets use hydraulics as the mechanism to close the door. The hydraulic mechanism takes over upon closing the door, causing the cabinet to close the door silently.

Remodeling Your Kitchen with the Right Cabinet Type

When it’s been years or decades that your kitchen stayed the same, it may be shouting for a remodel. You may see that some of the drawers have become busted. Some cabinet doors may have been damaged. Adding to the string of reasons to renovate is the accumulation of kitchen utensils and equipment you purchased over the years. Despite the urge for a makeover, you cannot do it at once without choosing the kitchen cabinet to serve all the storage functions and the pleasing aesthetics you want. Simply put, you may need to get all the help you can to achieve your kitchen makeover goals.

One tip you can follow is to employ the services of kitchen makeover professionals like kitchen designers. Aside from their expertise in measurements and design, these professionals can also help you choose between soft close vs self close cabinets.