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Best Ironing Accessories For Small Apartments & Homes

Best Ironing Accessories For Small Apartments & Homes


If you are one of the many people who have small homes or apartments, ironing can be a complex problem to solve. With ironing boards being bulky and taking up so much space, other options might better suit your needs. No matter your reason for ironing clothes in small spaces, here are ten items that will help simplify the process without sacrificing any ironed style. These products range from simple hangers with special features to specialized tools for steaming clothes while they hang to keep them wrinkle-free.

1) Honey-Can-Do Hanger Ironing Board

This ironing board works as an ironing table but takes up the same space as a standard hanger. The iron rests on the top of the unit, and Steam rises from underneath to remove wrinkles with ease.

This iron is great for small spaces because it slides over shirts or pants without lifting them off of a bulky ironing board. It can even be hung flat in closets when not in use, freeing up valuable floor space! Like other iron boards, it also comes with iron rest clips, so clothing doesn’t slip off while you are working.

2) Jiffy Garment Clips

Jiffy is a great ironing accessory that clips to your shirts, dresses, pants, or slacks to hold them in place while ironing. They can be used on any ironing board and prevent wrinkles from forming because you don’t have to lift the items off a heavy ironing board. By leaving them hanging on the ironing board, they will also drip dry, so there is no need for an extra towel or drying rack.

3) Conair Quick Spray

While ironing, this product is ironed into the clothing itself to create a smooth finish and remove wrinkles. The iron then releases a fine mist of water that locks in place until heat is applied. This tool also comes with two spray settings for custom ironing control, depending on the type of garment.

4) Steam Fast Handheld Fabric Steamer

The Steam Fast iron hand steamer offers yet another ironing accessory for small spaces. It is lightweight, portable, and convenient because it only needs water added to start producing Steam. You can iron delicate fabrics easily by using the iron’s narrow and pointed head and the steamer’s nozzle attachments to target specific areas on items like collars and cuffs.

5) Steam Iron with Fabric Brush

Another ironing accessory, this iron not only removes wrinkles but helps refresh fabrics while you iron. Choose from three steam settings for different ironing needs or pick the iron feature to iron without Steam for thicker fabrics. The fabric brush attachment is one of the best ironing accessories for small spaces because it can be used on clothes hanging in closets or just laid out on a bed.

6) Portable Fabric Steamer

This iron can be used on any fabric, even delicate or dry-clean only, requiring special ironing methods and ironing accessories. It works by adding water into the unit’s base and turning it on to produce Steam immediately. The iron’s head features a small number of steam holes for more focused ironing and three settings for different fabrics.

7) Steam Reach Iron

Designed specifically for steaming difficult areas such as curtains and drapes, the Steam Reach iron offers ironing accessories perfect for ironing in small spaces. Weighing only two pounds, this iron has a long arm with an iron-shaped tip on the end. The iron’s reach allows you to easily steam curtains and drapes without having to pull down heavy window treatments or stand on your tiptoes while ironing them.

8) Steam Iron Travel Steamer

This iron is lightweight and portable, so it can be used anywhere that you need to refresh clothes or remove wrinkles. Fill the iron with water at any standard faucet before plugging it into the wall, then let it heat up for about one minute to produce Steam. Use the iron feature if you are ironing fabrics or prefer using Steam, and the iron will shut off automatically when it runs out of water.

9) Casabella Iron

This iron works well for ironing any fabric. Its head is not too big or too small, and its iron design helps iron large items like bedsheets smoothly by separating them into halves to iron each side at once! The iron also has no problems with higher wattages, so you won’t have to worry about whether your iron can handle higher settings or if you should use a lower one instead. It also heats up quickly, so you don’t need to wait long before ironing your clothes.


There are many ironing accessories out there, so it cannot be easy to choose the best ones for your needs. We’ve gone through all of them and have put together this list of our favorites that we feel would work well in most small homes or apartments. Additionally, do not forget foldable ironing boards can save space too, and that is why you should come to Venice, a professional manufacturer of foldable ironing boards.